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    Phrag. manzurii

    I have 4 Phrag. manzurii's in bud or beginning to spike. They usually sell for $60 in my greenhouse and are esnapped up when collectors see them. Since no colletors are allowed at my greenhouse now, each is for sale now at $50. Shipping is additional and will be $10 - 15, depending on how far...
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    My Blooming Phrag Collection

    Truly spectcular collection. Congratulations.
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    Rot on phrags?

    Is it really hot where you're growing? It has been here. If so, you should cut out all fertilizer until temps moderate. The "rot" is really due to the Phrags inability to process the fertilizer during the hot weather, causing the tender new growths to burn (like leaf tips do) They basically...
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    Phrag. manzurii

    $60 pus shipping. These are grown from a Check Acker flask. They are really manzuriis. Some in bud. All are blooming size. If interested, please email me at [email protected].
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    What to do about sowbugs?

    You can buy a bag of lawn insecticide. Sprinkle some on top and water in. One bag is proably enough for a lifetime supply and won't break the bank.
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    Phrag warziwiczianum

    Got it if you want one.
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    Phrag Carmine.

    Would like a piece of that back.
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    Looking to get in touch with ...

    how about trying to email the Goldner's at Woodstream Orchids. They play a big part in the forum now and probably know him.
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    How Do You Combat Sugar Cravings?

    When I crave, I have some 70% cocoa dark chocolate. Low sugar and carbs, but still satisfies the jonesing. If you can stand higher cocoa levels, there is even less sugar. It's not just sugar that causes the cravings. Carbs convert to sugar. Read up on Type 2 diabetes to see which are worst.
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    nicely done
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    One Hawaiian vendor closed and more in deep trouble...

    Who are the others that are in trouble.
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    Select roth

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    Hung Sheng Paph Flasks

    Those are really nice looking plants. Good luck.
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    Is OZ still in Business?

    I think the ability to continue selling or what happens next would have been laid out in the sales contract or is being controlled by whoever John borrowed from to purchase OZ. It sounds to me (and this is just conjecture) like Terry took back (in a note) at least part of the original selling...
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    Complete root ball rot

    Misting will help reduce the need to water as the orchids won't need to take as much water up through the roots to keep them cool. Misting is okay as long as the plants are dry by nightfall and the plants aren't showing any rot, etc. Water on the leaves, or in the pots, combined with high...
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    Award winning ...

    Oh yeah, the award was a second place given at The Oklahoma City orchid show.
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    Award winning ...

    The link took me to Amazon. Not ebay. For those that think there's nothing wrong with it, read the problems the buyers have had. Apparently it is on agar and several have molded as would be expected with just a cork stopper. Probably transferred to current environment in non-sterile...
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    Complete root ball rot

    It's my experience that when the roots fill the pot and all the air spaces, no water can even get into the pot. The roots in the pot stay viable, white and hard, but they get very dry with no growing tips. They can be soaked in water and become okay roots again. From the info provided, my...
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    Fox Valley Rocks!

    Did you mean Main Street Orchids?