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    Angreacum subulatum

    Ok those photos look horrible as I view them. I guess tapatalk rendered them down a lot. Will get better ones up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Angreacum subulatum

    It's starting to bloom again now (this was early February) with even more flowers. Posting anyway for tapatalk test run. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coelogynes Intermedia and flaccida

    Ok found them...and holy crap. I leave for a bit and u start stocking up on all kinds of non-slippers, great variety btw. Hard to say what it is. I acquired some colognes labeled as lactea that look identical. But to add to confusion lactea is sometimes synonous w flaccida. But my flaccida has...
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    Angraecum elephantinum

    love it, and great photos.
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    Paph. Celtic Cross - Been away a while

    Ya had to look it up to remember, about 3 generations back. Thompsonii x druyii = Calypso x villosum = boxalli x spicerianum. Dont think so, unless you are around the Cincy club shows or picnics. Maybe in passing then as i get down there from time to time. Its been a real vigorous grower...
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    Coelogynes Intermedia and flaccida

    I didnt see it either. As stated tho, a cooler/dryer winter rest may help. Otherwise, increasing light during growing season, reducing fertilizer in fall, and day-to-night temp changes (10 -15 degrees) will help. Like phals, many orchids are reluctant to bloom without a daily temp swing, and...
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    Dendrobium spectabile

    Wow, alien invasion
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    Coelogynes Intermedia and flaccida

    Yes both. The intermedia is light and sweeter. The flaccida is strong and smells up the back 1/2 of the house. There are 3 or 4 inflorescences now on 2 plants.
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    Coelogynes Intermedia and flaccida

    Coelogyne Intermedia Coelogyne flaccida
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    Paph. Celtic Cross - Been away a while

    Paph. Celtic Cross Ive been away from the forum for the past couple years, but hope to be around more. Busy life, little time, etc. Even tried downsizing the collection at one time, but its slowly growing again. Unfortunately, most of the paphs and all the phrags were let go due to space...
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    Who addicted you? :)

    Watched a PBS show on TV many years ago about orchids and the delicate and bizarre relationship they had with their pollinators. Was fascinated by it but knew nothing about orchids. Launched into a frenzy of research thru books and internet. Probably skimmed every book in our public and...
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    Trichoglottis smithii

    Very cool Dot
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    Endangered, Threaten, Etc - IUCN Red List Categories

    Wiki is not trying to evaluate and categorize the extinction threat status of its information.
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    Endangered, Threaten, Etc - IUCN Red List Categories

    Orchid conservation is in dire need of a good list of orchid species that are threaten with extinction, endangered, and such. How would you rate various slipper orchid species endangered status? or change CITES classification of slipper species? Can we come up with a list conservation list of...
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    Endangered, Threaten, Etc - IUCN Red List Categories

    Good point, and it brings more questions to mind. It seems the only way it could be trusted is to have the actual data (populations and locations) available to someone (or a governing body) for confirmation. Follow up studies would have to be made to monitor the populations and habitat. If the...
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    I want a Phrag....can you help?

    Not everyone has the greatest luck w aliflor / semihydro methods, so dont get hung on it if it didnt work for u. Some love it some hate it. Ive dabbled but still have best luck and confidence with good old fashioned bark mixed w charcoal and perlite. Experiment and find what works for u.
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    Slipper Orchid Conservation Classification

    Yes, this is getting to the point. One of the core issues of conservation and environmetal movements is the DATA. Is there any? Is it accurate? How is it interpreted, and whos interpreting it. In many cases this is no small task. If good data can be aquired for the most threatened...
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    Mature Phal. Guadalupe Pineda's for sale!

    Click the link, its worth it just to see the prices