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    Cattleya Michelle Obama - another failed coerulea cross

    Yea, like me… I think it’s pretty and should get bigger and better on subsequent blooms.
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    Phalaenopsis Hell’s Fury ‘Red Devil’ AM/AOS

    Congrats on lots of gorgeous flowers. Though I must say the plant itself doesn’t look so good especially looking at the base. And only It always amazes me the plants that get awarded but the plants are in such sad shape. I guess I don’t understand judging — maybe the flower is all that...
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    Cattleya gaskelliana ‘Carlisle’ AM/AOS

    Congrats and well deserved. Absolutely gorgeous. Would love to know your feed routines and what you are using and growing setup to get such beautiful blooms.
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    Too funny

    This is an issue I see with orchid industry in general. And I have stopped buying seedlings ie hybrids unless I can pick them out blooming in the greenhouse. I buy mericlones for the most part — I fall in love with a photo and I want the plant to look like that gorgeous purple with the Ruby...
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    A couple of line bred Cattleya/Laelia purpuratas

    Absolutely tremendous, look at the size of those blooms. 😵😍Just beautiful. I’m sure the clumsy loss of 4 buds was quite distressing. I have done that kind of thing too mostly hitting a new growth moving the pot around as they stick out in a pot they have really outgrown and I hit them on...
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    Laelia purpurata sanguinea

    Just beautiful. I don’t have one yet and I’m dying to get one but most I see aren’t in the budget.
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    C. Duvaliana (C. leuddemannia coerulea x C. purpurata alba ‘Red Carmin’

    Oh my heavens — just found this going down through more comments. Just absolutely glorious. Just 💗 this. This is how cattleyas can be so spectacular and more so as they get even larger— when not constantly being repotted and cut down and set back for several years each time. If left to grow...
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    C. Duvaliana (C. leuddemannia coerulea x C. purpurata alba ‘Red Carmin’

    Just lovely, would love a division from a fellow Virginian. Can’t see more than one photo and just really one bloom in full. Can see the back of one or two. i couldn’t get but one photo to come up. Maybe I’m not doing something right. It’s certainly beautiful but couldn’t see the purpose of...