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    Orchid scheme nipped in bud

    What actually happens to confiscated, endangered plants? Do they destroy them or pass them on to botanical gardens or experts to try and save the plants? It would be sad if they where just destroyed ... Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    My first attempt at making a bed

    Oh wow! I knew cooking meth was really bad, I did not know it was so bad that you as a neighbor even suffered THAT much!!! I am so sorry you had to go through that, but I am also very happy for you that they are gone and it sounds like you are healing! Margit
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    Paph. fowliei culture

    I live in the Pacific Northwest. I am growing under lights. Spare bedroom, heavy duty shelving unit with two growing levels. At the moment I am using only my HO t5's (4- 4 footers). I don't have enough plants (at the moment) to warrant restarting my 4- 4 foot t8 shelf. I am estimating that in...
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    Paph. fowliei culture

    During the summer months I watered every day and with it being cooler now, I am watering every two days. I soak it for just a moment every time. My other plants are in a substrate that I water once a week. Margit
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    Paph. fowliei culture

    Thank you so much SlipperFan! That is exactly what I hoped for! I think one of the things that has me confused about this little plant is, that I bought it in VERY open media. Large bark chunks and large perlite pieces. I have been under the impression that generally, Paphs like a medium that...
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    Deflasked Fritz Schomburgs, this will be a challenge

    That is really great Justin. Maybe I should start researching ... ;-) Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Paph. fowliei culture

    SlipperFan, thank you for your welcome :) That is an absolutely awesome link you provided! Thank you! I could not find anything about Paph. fowliei culture there though, which is exactly the problem I have been running into ... Thank you for sharing though! I appreciate it! Sent from my...
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    Paph. fowliei culture

    Chicago Chad, this would be VERY similar to our terrarium once completed, I think! :) Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Paph. fowliei culture

    Thank you for all the information Chicago Chad! That is exactly what I am looking for! One of the things I am trying to decide is, if the current media it is in, is actually suited for my growing area conditions. It is in a VERY open media that might be better suited for my terrarium. Once the...
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    Deflasked Fritz Schomburgs, this will be a challenge

    They look absolutely beautiful! When a flask is purchased, what kind of a survival rate (percentage?) can an experienced grower have? Just curious. Margit
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    Paph. fowliei culture

    Hello fellow orchid enthusiasts! At the beginning of the year I purchased a beautiful little Paph. fowliei v. alba. So far, it looks like it has been doing well. After it finished blooming, it got busy on a second growth, which has now 5 leafs and a 6th one on the way. I think it is looking...
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    Paphiopedilum purpuratum in situ

    Some of my favorite pictures are of orchids in their natural habitats. Very, very beautiful! Thank you for sharing :) Margit
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    Phrag. Waunakee Sunset fma flavum

    That is gorgeous! I love it! :clap: We are getting married in your neck of the woods in September. Will HAVE to make sure to stop by! :D Margit
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    Neofinetia falcata show in Japan - the video

    That is an AWESOME video!!! Thank you very much for creating and sharing it. It very much inspires me to look into getting AT LEAST a second one (and third one ... ) :)