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  1. J

    Paphiopedilum Miller's Daughter "Quakeress"

    Classic---I like that.
  2. J

    Paph Lady Isabel EYOF

    good one
  3. J

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Fay Judge' AM/AOC

    super --congrats on your growing skills.
  4. J

    Paph. Yang-Ji Diamond

    yes--I like that.
  5. J

    Paph philippinense

    good one.
  6. J

    Paph. Laketta x Mem. Barbara Francis

    good one---I like it.
  7. J

    Paph Hatsue Otsuka

    yes I like that.
  8. J

    A Few Maudiaes

    why pick one---all very good.
  9. J

    Paphiopedilum French Cancan "Micheline"

    Yes I like that
  10. J

    P. villosum var. annamense

    good one.
  11. J

    A couple of multis

    looking good
  12. J

    helenae x Van Ness

    as good as it gets.
  13. J

    some spotted complex Paphs

    very good---- and miniature plants a real bonus.
  14. J

    Saint Swithin 2018

    good one
  15. J

    Carmen Coll "Lady Silk" and friend

    thats a very good CC and I like her friend.
  16. J

    niveum fma album

    yes very nice