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    dracula hirtzii

    i water it almost everyday, i have had a hard time getting the flowers to open well in the basement, but with the humid and rainy conditions of late, (Minnesota) it has responded positively : )
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    dracula hirtzii

    I have a couple blooms on this plant, it's hanging outside for the past wet and cool week, normally this plant in in the basement in t-5 light.
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    Platanthera lacera and Calopogon tuberosus in situ

    very nice photos! thanks for posting )
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    Neofinetia falcata 'Kinginrasha' + (Warning: Larger Photos!)

    the upright flowers are very cool : )
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    mini neo in bloom

    it's a beautiful plant in a cool pot:)
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    cypripedium calceolus var. parviflorum?

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    cypripedium calceolus var. parviflorum?

    I'm in Minnesota, the lateral sepals are 2 3/4" each and the dorsal sepal is about 2 1/2" tall by 3/4" wide. :)
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    cypripedium calceolus var. parviflorum?

    This is in my backyard. I'm not sure if I have it identified properly. Any opinions? thanks potter
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    Hello from Arizona

    welcome : )
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    Any golfers?

    i love to golf, but the weather has been lousy for it the past few weeks : )
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    Paph. armeniacum

    I amazed by this plant, I am moving one of my armeniacums to a hanging basket......thanks for posting the photo
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    Two armeniacums

    armeniacum i love armeniacums, i have a few but have never gotten them to flower
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    Paph. tonsum x Magic Wand

    I think this is a great beauty )
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    PapH. (Lucille Ball x wenshanense)

    very beautiful!
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    paph deperle

    I shot this foto a while back, and can't remember how long it had been open. I bought this plant at Orchids Limited a few years ago and have always been very happy with all the plants I have purchased from them, I think if you live in traveling distance to Orchids Limited, it's a great place...
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    paph deperle

    one more try :), sorry I'm a rookie
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    paph deperle

    I just wanted to share this photo:)
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    hi all I'm new here

    thanks for your kind words slipperfan:) and thanks for the welcomes!
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    hi all I'm new here

    I'm not currently, I work Saturdays and can hardly ever attend, but I always go to the como show
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    hi all I'm new here

    more info thanks for asking: I grow Paphs, masdas, neos, a few cattleyas, a few phals, a few Angreacums, about 75 altogether and a "Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens" out in the yard.:) you can see my pots at let me know what you think thanks potter