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  1. J

    St. Swithin 'Littlefrog Prince'

    Congratulations Rob!
  2. J

    Paphiopedilum PEOY 'Jules' AM/AOC

    Congratulations on getting this - I can see why it became the source of your addiction.
  3. J

    Two Paph rothschildianums

    Very nice - with 4 blooms too. Good idea to cut the inflorescence, I cut mine a bit late, and am now left with just 2 healthy leaves remaining.
  4. J

    Two Paph rothschildianums

    Thanks Dave. Just to reconfirm - apart from Z2135 and Z2519 - were there other Rex x MM crosses listed in the records?
  5. J

    Pair of Paph hennisianum

    Much nicer dorsal too compared to another plant from the same cross that hasn’t flowered this year yet.
  6. J

    Pair of Paph hennisianum

    Paph hennisianum regular color form and fma christiansenii
  7. J

    Two Paph rothschildianums

    It would be great if someone has an old OZ price list to check what the Z2519 cross was - this is so intriguing now.
  8. J

    Two Paph rothschildianums

    This and the other thread on roth parentage have been very informative. The grower thought it was a remake of the cross done later. How much time does it take to remake a cross?
  9. J

    Two Paph rothschildianums

    Here they are - now in their first bloom. On the left is Rex x MM w/ 3 blooms, and on the right is NH x Raptor, which while it has 4 blooms - has a less saturated and lighter color. Both seem to have shorter inflorescences in more compact plants than other roths I’ve seen - I wonder if that’s...
  10. J

    Pair of Paph Philippinense

    Good point, and info on geographic variety of the species. The photo from Incharm though had distinctly narrow leaves.
  11. J

    Pair of Paph Philippinense

    Hi Incharm, I recently purchased a division of a plant with long and very narrow leaves - quite different from my other philippinenses - not ver stiff though because maybe it’s not established yet. It was labelled as laevigatum. I wonder if this fits the roebelinii description of your plants?
  12. J

    Shots from SEPOS 2023

    Sharing some photos from SEPOS (SE Pennsylvania) Show
  13. J

    Two Paph rothschildianums

    The grower The grower said it was from a batch of seedlings she got from OZ in 1998, one of the slower growing ones left.
  14. J

    Orchids 2023

    Roth feast! Can’t wait to see the blooms.
  15. J

    Two Paph rothschildianums

    Excitedly waiting for 2 roths to bloom - the first under my care to spike, both first bloom after getting them a few years ago. First is ‘New Horizon’ x ‘Raptor’ - looks like I may have 3-4 blooms. The second is ‘Rex’ x ‘Mt Millais’ - from what I was able to gather - from a batch of seedlings...
  16. J

    Orchids 2023

    Amazing plants. An inspiration for us indoor / windowsill growers!
  17. J

    Paph fowliei album, Paph argus, Paph Addicted Philip

    In bloom now - - A pair of Paph fowliei album - the one on the right has a split synsepal - hope that corrects in next bloom - Paph argus - Paph Addicted Philip
  18. J

    The story of a large Paph, aka THE EAGLE HAS OPENED

    Congrstulations for keeping such a treasure going for so long…
  19. J

    Semi hydro help

    I’m trying a few plants on semi-hydro, hoping to rejuvenate them - after 2 weeks, I noticed white precipitate forming on the topmost Leca balls. I noticed new roots starting to grow so the plant seems to be adapting, but wanted to get feedback on what’s happening and what I should be doing...
  20. J

    Paphiopedilum Urbanianum

    Posting a photo of the sand plant from a few days ago - excited that a 2nd bud is starting to open