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  1. Martin

    What a Hell????

    Bacteria Rotting
  2. Martin

    A group of Brachypetala

    Excellent Job! Love the niveums! What is on the right side?
  3. Martin

    Guess the plant

  4. Martin


    Stunning species!
  5. Martin

    P. godefroyae fma. album - first, wonky bloomer

    Crazy gratrixianum! ;)
  6. Martin

    Buddies for the Guessing Game (Summer 2023)

    Did the plant flowered previously? To me it looks pretty much like masti.
  7. Martin

    Buddies for the Guessing Game (Summer 2023)

    7 Looks very much like masti to me...
  8. Martin

    couple of cochlos

    The v-r is a nice one, the v-m is a hybrid.
  9. Martin

    guess the bud

    Could be volonteanum/hookerae Second guess would be sangii/robinsonii
  10. Martin

    guess it!

    Kolo or Something related
  11. Martin

    Paph papuanum "alboviride" (*)

    Afaik, alexejanum was used for the Semialbum Form. The Album Form was Just called album. I remember that i have read about it in an orchid Magazine, but cant remember which it was.
  12. Martin

    Paphiopedilum dodyanum

    Nice one! Do you have measurements of the flower? Please dont self it. Its not really rare actually, If you Like to propagate i can send you pollen.
  13. Martin

    Paph papuanum "alboviride" (*)

    Now I regret that I didn't buy one at the time! Very nice and congrats for flowering it!
  14. Martin

    Paph. emersonii 2012

    Some for this years: Plant from Popow, purchased 2012. Much more compact growing then the other plants. Should be originated from China The following one rebloomers which i have shown before. Easy grower for me.
  15. Martin

    Paph rothschildianum ‘Exotic Angel’ Dark Angel x Howard P Norton).

    Thats a great one! Not seen a bad one from this cross. Yours is one of the better of the already good ones!
  16. Martin


    Nice one! Dont has to be always something special. Never Seen an albino of barbatum
  17. Martin

    Bud watching for two uncommon multi floral species

    Mmh Sometimes ooii is flowering at that size... Intaniae would also be a guess, but Istvan mentioned it before
  18. Martin

    Bud watching for two uncommon multi floral species

    Mmh i go for anitum and adductum.
  19. Martin

    Pairs of slippers

    Thank you! I like the elegant stance of the flower.