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  1. emydura

    Paph Bel Royal 'Memoria Terry Turner' AM/AOS

    I was able to get it to the show in one piece in my Forester. I had to push the passenger seat right forward and put it on the floor in the back seat and then squeeze all the leaves in. A bit of damage to one leaf but the flowers were all intact. And it was certainly worth the effort. It won...
  2. emydura

    St. Swithin 'Littlefrog Prince'

    Congratulations. Those measurement are huge.
  3. emydura

    Paphiopedilum PEOY 'Jules' AM/AOC

    It was awarded in 2008. Unfortunately, they got the clonal name wrong on the website - They have put 'Queenscliff' instead of 'Jules'. There was a 'Queenscliff' PEOY clone awarded 2 years previously but...
  4. emydura

    Paphiopedilum PEOY 'Jules' AM/AOC

    This was the orchid that got me hooked into multi-floral Paphs. Twenty-three years ago, I had just joined our local orchid society. I went to our Spring Show and this plant won grand champion. I had never heard of multifloral Paphs before, let alone seen one in the flesh. I thought it was the...
  5. emydura

    Paph Lady Rothschild

    I'd be happy too. Such great form and clean colours. I love it.
  6. emydura

    Paph delenatii

    Lovely, both of them. Not a huge difference between the two.
  7. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    Thanks. Very excited to say the least. Not sure if I am measuring it right. The petal width is about 1.6 cm wide.
  8. emydura

    Mis labeled as p black wings, any ideas

    If it is a primary hybrid, then Mt Toro is the most likely ID. It would be one of the longer petaled Mt Toro's I have seen. Wonderful flowers.
  9. emydura

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense ‘Halo be thy Name’ AM/AOS

    The colour is magnificent. Very good form for this species too.
  10. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    That is the length of one leaf. :) So double it. This plant is one of the bigger roths I have flowered, although not massive. But it is a seedling, so I expect it will only get bigger from here.
  11. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    I actually really like the way the petals sweep up at the ends. Like the wing tips of a soaring eagle lifting in the updraft. It often happens with the roths I have flowered. I don't know if it is considered a flaw, but I find it ascetically pleasing. :) Increases the NS as well.
  12. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    When it comes to size, I would place more importance on the width of the sepals. Large sepals give the flower a much more imposing look. A big NS with small sepals looks so unbalanced, especially when the petals are very horizontal.
  13. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    I think when you say roths trademark are horizontal petals, that is a relative term. Relative to say other species where the petals are mostly vertical. Very few roths have perfectly horizontal petals. The vast majority point downwards to some degree. In fact, most would be more downswept than...
  14. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    The span of the longest leaves is about 45 cm, so I wouldn't call it compact.
  15. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    Thanks Rick. One and the same.
  16. emydura

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Giant Wings'

    A first flowering seedling of this TON cross. I am absolutely rapt with how this one has turned out. Good size (NS 28 cm, DS 5.5 cm), presentation and excellent colour. I have flowered 11 roths now and I think I would rank this one second overall and the best in terms of colour. It is a pretty...
  17. emydura

    What Paph is this?

    The label says Susan Booth x sanderianum (Formosa Lady), but it clearly is not that. It has 4 buds on a very compact plant. Seems to have a lot of lowii influence although the bud and ovary is predominantly white. I guess time will tell in the end but keen to hear your thoughts.
  18. emydura

    Paphiopedilum barbigerum var aureum 'Steal My Sunshine' HCC/AOS

    Yes, that seems the best solution. 🙂 Just a gorgeous flower. Fantastic shape.
  19. emydura

    Paphiopedilum sanderianum

    One and only post I believe. But it sure was a memorable one. :)
  20. emydura

    Paph Bel Royal 'Memoria Terry Turner' AM/AOS

    Thanks Rick. Yes, you have shared the journey with me.