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  1. cnycharles

    Baker culture sheet for Cattleya dowiana

    I used the baker culture sheets a lot in the past when I was growing way more plants than I have now. In the distant orchid collecting past, rich bigwigs who had collectors go out and collect from the wild often would stick everything in a ‘hothouse’ and most everything would rot. Eventually...
  2. cnycharles

    Piping Rock new owner

    Ouch! 🤕
  3. cnycharles

    First phrag flask-kovachii update

    Above pics just prior to removing two seedlings for donation to cnyos June auction. The leaves lifted the domes off, busting out and saying ‘get me outta here!’ :) I credit the great growth to Chuck Acker’s excellent breeding and flasking, and the probiotics and rooting assistants also had...
  4. cnycharles

    First phrag flask-kovachii update

    It’s been two years since I bit the bullet and bought a flask of kovachii from Chuck Acker. There was govt stimulus money burning a hole in my pocket and was bored with quarantine life so said ‘why not?’ :) Here’s link to my initial compotting thread here...
  5. cnycharles

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    It may be ‘who you get plants from’ and what conditions it may have shifted around in. I have to make a post about a flask I bought from Chuck ackers two years ago that has been in compot for two years and are all still alive somehow)
  6. cnycharles

    Hello from Jersey City!

    Greetings from south jersey! I used to grow on big rolling carts with shelves , lights, fans in upstate ny. Much tamer collection now
  7. cnycharles

    Ken Hull Celebration of Life gathering

    My native orchid hunting friend Ken Hull passed away last fall. For those of you who knew him, his Celebration of Life gathering will be at 1pm on April 15th in binghamton ny. It will be private, but all friends are welcome, I just need a number of definitely interested friends to pass along to...
  8. cnycharles

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    :) well if you don’t hang around aquarium sites and related then you might not even know about water chillers. … or they could be really expen$ive
  9. cnycharles

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    An idea i’d had to try and hydroponically grow wasabi in my apartment used a styrofoam container box, a plastic tub set into top cutout so dangling into box top, and aquarium pump to move water into the top tub where plants were. A drain cut at certain level would allow water to drain back into...
  10. cnycharles

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    If you had already tried growing plants in unglazed clay pots sitting in water, then it (zeer pot) might not work any better. But others with more experience using these methods might know
  11. cnycharles

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    You could try a zeer pot in pot to help cool the root zone
  12. cnycharles

    Hello from Florida!

    Welcome and thanks for sharing your pics!
  13. cnycharles

    Paphiopedilum hangianum 'Burnt Sugar' AM/AOS

    Congrats! Crème brûlée is always good 👍
  14. cnycharles

    Polystachya longiscapa

    Interesting! Looks similar to the p tayloriana I had before the turn of millennium that died when squirrel chewed into the big clump. Haven’t been able to find another
  15. cnycharles

    upstate ny pterostylis

    (Sigh) last year I probably would’ve said yes :) :( Nyeric will probably say yes
  16. cnycharles

    australian terrestrials

    Believe it or not, he gives them away
  17. cnycharles

    australian terrestrials

    David mellard in Georgia has grown many of them for multiple years successfully. I had some for a few years but too many moves, job and apartment changes and distractions prevented me from having them more than a few years. Once covid came around and being too busy I didn’t follow up to see if...
  18. cnycharles

    Paphiopedilum philippinense roebelinii

    Nice flowers! I’d take it to judging anyway. You got it to flower in the Great White North, show it off! Back in upstate ny when I had lots of trichoplilias, they would catch me not looking and shoot out a flower bud mixed around everything near them, and trying to move them often a bud would...