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  1. JustinR

    Bogota Show 2023: Cattleya trianae Showcase

    Amazing diversity! I guess you could have a field day determining the correct naming convention of each cultivar:) Sounds like a pretty good gig, heading to Colombia for a bit of orchid judging:D
  2. JustinR

    Mealy bugs o my

    Those systemics are banned in many countries over here in the EU. Many of the surface sprays have also been banned / replaced with newer "bee friendly" alternatives. So I don't use anything that like that, I mainly rely on regular vigilant inspections, removal by hand and spray with what's...
  3. JustinR

    Paph. Moorei alba

    Very nice, lime green! For the other Aussies: it reminds me of a Lime Splice :D
  4. JustinR

    Paphiopedilum delenatii v. vinicolor double header

    Hi Brabantia, interesting to hear that you have the same plant, it would be interesting to see how it compares when in bloom. Rainwater is indeed slightly acidic and that is what I primarily use. I am also using RainMix but I fertilize at a very low level, about 60 -100 ppm every second...
  5. JustinR

    Paphiopedilum delenatii v. vinicolor double header

    I got this one as a freebie tiny seedling with some other plants from Assendorfer about 2 years ago. It has grown well and now flowering for the first time. It is complemented by a lovely tea rose fragrance.
  6. JustinR

    orchids and ants

    I was wondering similar; ants spread scale and farm them, clever little critters. So probably not ideal. Then again, some orchids such as Schomburgkia have evolved hollow p'bulbs in which ant colonies live and protect the plant. So I'm not sure if its a good thing or not. They might remove...
  7. JustinR

    Paphipedilum parishii #1

    How many years from seeding to spike? I've had one for about 15 years, slowly getting there, but still no cigar:D. It is a survivor at least.
  8. JustinR

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    Thanks for the tip! I was also thinking to repot it into fresh media in a couple of weeks after it has recovered a little bit.
  9. JustinR

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    Doh, too late! I took this photo a few weeks ago and the flower is finished by now, I should have taken a few more photos. I did post a video of it on YouTube, it is at 7'16'' . But I think Rudolf is right, the red spots are from the inside of the pouch, you can see that more clearly on the video,
  10. JustinR

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    This is my P. vietnamense in bloom. I purchased it from Schwerter in Germany 12 months ago for the princely sum of EUR 15. Seems like pretty good value these days?
  11. JustinR

    Cattleya schroederae 'popayan' x self

    Wow, they really do pop in those photos!
  12. JustinR

    Slipper Orchid Grower and Professional Photographer

    Beautiful photos and stunning plants:). Welcome from The Netherlands!
  13. JustinR

    hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome and good luck with your Paphs and your health. I am also living in NL and I'm growing paphs both indoors and in a greenhouse (an expensive option at the moment).
  14. JustinR

    Is it possible to successfully cultivate P. fairrieanum, P. lowii and P. venustum in a house?

    If lowii is too big you might also consider philipinensis var roebelinii. I got mine from Schwerter, it already bloomed at around 40cm and seems to be quite compact for a multi.
  15. JustinR

    C. Dinard ‘Blue Heaven

    Stunning indeed 😍 . My seedling is slowly coming along, putting out some new roots now...
  16. JustinR

    Cattleya warneri alba ‘Holy Trinity’

    Outstanding! Alba highlights the shape so any flaws will be accentuated, but this one appears to me to be perfect😍
  17. JustinR

    Hi from Nottinghamshire UK

    Nice plants David and welcome from The Netherlands. I've also got a little P. Shireen, I wonder if they didn't come from the same batch. I got mine from Orchid Garden in Poland.
  18. JustinR

    Cattleya bicolor coerulea

    Beautiful plant Istvan! Do you have any tips for C. bicolor, mine is looking a bit sick. I thought it likes a lot of sun but maybe I grew it too bright in the Summer because the new growth is smaller than last year? Most of my other Cattleyas are doing great and many are flowering, so general...
  19. JustinR

    C. Mrs. Endicot (loddigesii x maxima)

    Awesome primary hybrid, great outcome :D
  20. JustinR

    Paph Saint Swithin 'Labarum of Winchester' HCC/AOS

    Stunning! Is this the first flowering?