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  1. okiesarah

    Cattleya Mari's Song

    Yes, single one this time due to extra neglect. It's bloomed two in the past though.
  2. okiesarah

    Cattleya Mari's Song

    Another bloom from this plant. This is my hardiest cattleya. It takes all of my neglect and is also grown indoors full time, so I'm not really giving it it's best life, but it hasn't failed to bloom for me yet. I bet if I was a better caretaker, the bloom show would be even more spectacular...
  3. okiesarah

    Paph Shun-fa Golden and micranthum var eburneum bud watch

    Pouch is just a tad crooked, but that's probably not a big deal for a first bloom And indoor lighting
  4. okiesarah

    Paph Shun-fa Golden and micranthum var eburneum bud watch

    Thanks! I have a nice handful of pretty vigorous paphs that are doing really good for me, but some others are a bit lacking so they don't ALL love me. I'm just pleased to see that I can keep these alive so far, and mostly that I remember to water them enough.
  5. okiesarah

    Paph Shun-fa Golden and micranthum var eburneum bud watch

    Micranthum is so close! And the Shun-fa and Liberty Taiwan x Norito Hasegawa are still cooking
  6. okiesarah

    Paph Shun-fa Golden and micranthum var eburneum bud watch

    Micranthum bud update, getting closer! And, to my surprise, I also found the Liberty Taiwan x Norito Hasegawa has a bud forming
  7. okiesarah

    The perfect paph

    Currently, I'd want smallish round phal type leaves, but with some paph leaf patterning on them instead of plain green. And the more star shaped type phal flowers but with pouches, but instead of only having a handful bloom at once, have them bloom more like flower shop phals, with long spikes...
  8. okiesarah

    Paph Shun-fa Golden and micranthum var eburneum bud watch

    It's probably just beginner's luck, since this is the first year I've ever had paphs. I did make sure to put this one on my lowest shelf though, since it stays cooler down there, and I thought I had read they like it cooler.
  9. okiesarah

    Paph Shun-fa Golden and micranthum var eburneum bud watch

    The couple paphs I've gotten to bloom came to me with spikes already. These two did not. The micranthum had the tinier hint of a sheath, but the Shun-fa didn't. So I'm proud to show off the micranthum bud that has developed, I just hope it will make it to full bloom. And the Shun-fa has this...
  10. okiesarah

    Paph. Shun-Fa Golden........seeing double!

    I think my Shun-fa Golden might be starting a bud sheath, so I hope I get some of your luck! Very nice
  11. okiesarah

    Phal I-Hsin Venus 'Sweet Fragrant"

    Besides the fragrance, the lip is my favorite part of this orchid!
  12. okiesarah

    Phal I-Hsin Venus 'Sweet Fragrant"

    Yours is gorgeous! The lip on this one with the pink/magenta gradient is stunning.
  13. okiesarah

    Phal I-Hsin Venus 'Sweet Fragrant"

    First bloom on this plant for me. It was one of two from my last order at, the only one that was in good shape. I'm very glad this one made it, the flower is gorgeous and smells really good.
  14. okiesarah

    Phalaenopsis violacea

    I'm sure I'm wrong, but on one of my blooming yellow phals, I noticed that the older the flower got, there was a purple tinge that showed up and darkened in the middle. In the interest of hope, perhaps the pink shows up after a few days. But even if it doesn't, it's still very beautiful. I also...
  15. okiesarah

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Hello from a fellow Oklahoman!
  16. okiesarah

    Paph Avenue Azhar x Satchels Legend bud watch

    Thank you! I left it on for a couple of days and then chopped it so the plant could start working on other things. It still lasted quite a while in the little pot of water I put it in.
  17. okiesarah

    Fragrant Brachy

    Oh I know. My blooming delenatii is proof of that 🤣 but at least it would have potential
  18. okiesarah

    Fragrant Brachy

    Well now I might have to put this on my list! I really prefer fragrant orchids
  19. okiesarah

    Normans Orchids / Order

    I've had some hits and misses with this vendor. Not bought any paphs or phrags from them, just a cattleya, guarechea, and some phals. Most of the plants were ok, not in the greatest shape. None of them died. But I got a "premium" amboinensis last order from them that was definitely not in...
  20. okiesarah

    Team paph or phrag

    1. Team paph. I don't have any phrags because they look way too large for the space I have, and so far all my paphs are a much more manageable size. I bought a delenatii in spike, and it finally bloomed 2. Neither 🤣 I don't really like the look of the Roths and similar paphs. I prefer the...