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  1. Sirius

    Paph wilhelminae division

    I would like to find a nice division of a wilhelminae. I have some seedling wilhelminae from Sam, and a couple of import plants from the bay. I have room for one more pot in the paph growing area so that's what I'd like to put there. Any offers or leads?
  2. Sirius

    Hymenocallis caribaea 'Tropical Giant'

    These are blooming in the afternoon rain here in South Carolina. We just transplanted them in June with some Crinum lilies, so it was a surprise to see a bloom stalk. Hymenocallis caribaea 'Tropical Giant' or spider lily.
  3. Sirius

    Fuuran - Fuukiran - Neofinetia falcata Megathread

    A Historical Timeline 1712 - Wakan Sansai Zue is published by Terashima Ryoan. 三才図会に云ふ、風蘭は土あらずして生く。小さき籃(かご)に貯へて樹の上に掛く。人、仙草と称す。細なる 花微かに香し。五雑組に云ふ、風蘭は根土に着かずして木石の上に叢り蟠(またが)り、取りて之れを(のき) の際に懸く。時に風の為に吹かるときは愈々茂盛す。其の葉花家蘭と全く異なること無し。按ずるに、風蘭は深 山に之れ有り(かや)み)等の幹(えだ)の間に多く之れ有り。葉の形万年青に似て細く小さく、其の長さ二、...
  4. Sirius

    Need Neofinetia falcata suggestions...

    Thanks to the kindness of Marco, I am back in the fold of Neofinetia growers. He gifted me growths of four varieties which I have set up in my most prime of growing locations, the kitchen windowsill. I get early morning direct sun and bright reflected afternoon light here, plus plenty of...
  5. Sirius

    Phrag besseae Orchid Zone culture?

    I have a couple of new besseae from the Orchid Zone, and I am curious about something. I noticed when they arrived, that the plants had one old growth buried while the new growth was allowed to grow out of the pot and bloom without roots. I've seen photos of besseae in the wild doing this...
  6. Sirius

    What else have I missed?

    I feel like I've been in a coma for the past four years. Neofinetia is now Vanda? Sedirea is now Phalaenopsis? Oak Hill Gardens is a memory? You can buy orchids straight from the Orchid Zone without a secret handshake and $4000? I really do feel like I have woken up in the Twilight...
  7. Sirius

    For Sale: kovachii species seedlings

    I just bought a group of Phrag. kovachii species seedlings, and I am willing to offer some for $30 each or 3 for $85, shipping included in the U.S. If you can't afford $100 seedlings, this would be your chance to get some to try. I will be equitable in my selection, so you won't get the runts...
  8. Sirius

    Help wanted! Please read and consider!

    I am going to give this one last serious attempt, and then I am going to have to try something else. I want to build a new website, called the Orchid History Project. I have registered a domain name... www.orchidhistory.org ... and have plans to launch this coming January 2012, with at least...
  9. Sirius

    Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea

    This is a cross of two older, paler clones of coerulea. The color is frosted purple with a crystaline sparkle. The fragrance is stronger in the early morning hours and smells just like Big Red bubblegum.
  10. Sirius

    Back in the club - I have slippers.

    After a four year hiatus from growing orchids, I am slowly getting some new plants, and just recently added a few slippers to my shelf. So far, I have the following... Paph. druryi Paph. gratrixianum (two different breeders) Paph. delenatii Very soon, I will also be adding... Paph...
  11. Sirius

    Wanted: Computer help...RTMP

    Now this is something I haven't needed in a very long time. I am trying to download a video that is streamed with RTMP. All of the really easy capture apps are for PC. I am on a Mac. If you know what RTMP is, and have successfully downloaded a video like this in the past, can you help me...
  12. Sirius

    Paph affine & gratrixianum with source info

    I am trying to understand the differences between affine and gratrixianum. I found the original description of affine printed in La Tribune Horticole ca. 1906. Would someone be so kind as to translate???
  13. Sirius

    For Sale: Phalaenopsis bellina compots - assorted others

    I have successfully hardened off my first flask of Phalaenopsis bellina. Unfortunately, I can't keep all the seedlings. So I am a selling a couple of compots. Each will have at least six seedlings of the following cross... Phalaenopsis bellina 'GW103' x Phalaenopsis bellina 'GreenOK149'...
  14. Sirius

    The Orchid History Project - please contribute.

    How fast was that? :) In my other thread on the history of Freed's Orchids, I noticed that several people seemed truly interested in the history of orchid growers and breeders, just like I am. I had an idea back when this forum first started, that eventually I was going to build some...
  15. Sirius

    Blast from the past - Orchid growing in 1975

    I am going to reserve saying anything that may offend members who were alive in 1975. I was not even born yet. Ok, that may offend some of you. :) Check out this article on orchid growing from New York Magazine...
  16. Sirius

    YouTube is now enabled!

    I was doing some research on upgrading the forum, and came across an old tip on how to enable YouTube linking in vbulletin. So without hesitating, I entered some code and pressed a few buttons and SHAZAM! You can now directly embed YouTube videos. When you post a new thread, you will now...
  17. Sirius

    History - Arthur Freed Orchid Company

    I am piecing this together from various sources, so some of this may be incorrect. If you have something to add or correct, please share with us. Arthur Freed was a musician who had his first big break singing with, and writing material for, the Marx brothers on vaudeville stages. He was...
  18. Sirius

    Chicagoland Orchid Festival 2011 - Sept. 23-25

    Festival Info The Chicagoland Orchid Growers Association presents the 2011, ninteenth Annual Chicagoland Orchid Festival The festival takes place simultaneously at four different orchid greenhouse locations within the suburbs of Chicago. Spanning a three day period, the greehouses of Oak...
  19. Sirius

    Blueberry "Tophat" in container???

    Is anyone growing the dwarf blueberry "Tophat" in a container? I have three of them, and they are doing really great. I am slightly concerned about overwintering them though. The containers they are in are easy enough to move, so I was planning on putting them in the garage. We get temps...
  20. Sirius

    Buying from Ecuagenera?

    Anyone care to share recent (2010-2011) shopping experiences with Ecuagenera? I might have a chance to buy from them soon, and I don't have a clue what to order? Any suggestions?