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  1. Pete

    More recent blooming a (misc. species)

    few more going off in the greenhouse lately... Habenaria medusa Dimeranda stenopetala 'Kate' AM/AOS - this one got its AM a few years back and has done nothing but get bigger, stronger and better since then. Dendrobium dearei and in the background Euanthe sanderiana var. album (a first...
  2. Pete

    Paphiopedilum primulinum 'Rina Marie' AM/AOS

    From a few months back. I got a few others I'm just trying to find the photos!
  3. Pete

    Recent bloomers

    Here a nice Bulbophyllum longissimum. I got a small division of this plan from the late Wilbert Chang some years ago and it has now turned into a wonderful specimen plant. He gave it to me with the label of "different strain from North Thailand" Dendrobium sarawakensis! One of my absolute...
  4. Pete

    Recent blooms

    The first is this nice Paph. godefroyae var. leucochilum grouping. A few selections from three different crosses. Next is a couple P. henryanum Lastly, a P. tranlienianum. I got seedlings from Holger some years ago and this is one of them.
  5. Pete

    miscellaneous species

    aloha all... here some random species all currently in bloom in the greenhouse.. enjoy! (iphone pics, sorry!) Laelia milleri Dendrobium finisterrae Dendrobium unicum Dendrobium trantuanii Dendrobium capituliferum Phalaenopsis amboinensis Phalaenopsis violacea var...
  6. Pete


    hi guys! forgive my long absence, work and research have left me NO free time.. Heres a few species blooming in my greenhouse now: (apologies in advance all are iphone pictures) Paph. stonei ..have several blooming now, pretty much all with four flowers on a spray and varying color. bloomed...
  7. Pete


    couple things blooming recently, despite the heat. Dendrobium laevifolium Cattleya dowiana var. rosita -this is the best one i got by far. Cattleya warscewiczii var. semi-alba Phalaenopsis bellina var. alba a first bloomer from a new batch. very happy with this one. here...
  8. Pete

    two nice species

    here, two fantastic species. Both are relatively compact for their respective genus' and unfortunately neither is seen in cultivation very often. Both are just a joy to have flowering in the greenhouse. Cattleya warcsewiczii var. semi-alba Phalaenopsis chibae
  9. Pete

    some species

    lots of nice things blooming here now in the late spring. plants are all happy. Cattleya luddemanniana var. alba Miltonia spectabilis var. alba Eria hyacinthoides Epidendrum ciliare very cool presentation of these two flowers on this beautiful Bulbophyllum...
  10. Pete

    couple things

    Here a few things from the greenhouse now... Paphiopedilum tonsum var. curtisifolium one of my favorite species. definitely underrated. Paphiopedilum hennisianum var. album a nice Paphiopedilum niveum and a very cool view of a spectacular 5 flowered Paphiopedilum sanderianum
  11. Pete

    Anoectochilus sandvicensis (in-situ)

    I was recently able to visit some new area surrounding a bog on the summit of Mt. Ka'ala on Oahu (the islands highest peak), to survey for several rare plants, including one of the three native orchids to hawaii, Anoectochilus sandvicensis . Below are several pictures of the plants from two...
  12. Pete

    Cattleya amethystoglossa

    this is a 4N out of Roy Tokunaga's breeding. i bloomed several and kept this one because it does such a good head consistently. its a bit crowded this time around but still very nice.
  13. Pete

    Ascocentrum christensonianum

    first bloomer on this cool easy growing species.
  14. Pete

    Ludisia discolor

    another great showing from this cool jewel orchid.
  15. Pete

    Rhyncostylis gigantea var. alba

    shes gettin up to good size now and starting to really put off some full size inflorescences!
  16. Pete

    Angraecum sesquipidale

    this thing blooms like clockwork. great showing this year.
  17. Pete

    Paph. Wellesleyanum fma. album 'Kate' HCC/AOS

    was made using the ang-thong variety of godefroyae
  18. Pete

    selected sanderianum

    as i continue to go through all my stuff, ive decided i can sell this plant. it is in my opinion a superior example of the species. i know that its fertile. it bloomed its first and second time with 4 flowers of good color and petals over 50cm and i would certainly say it is award quality...
  19. Pete

    what a difference 10 days makes (Dendrobium farmeri)

    these pictures were taken ~ 10-11 days apart. fantastic species putting on quite a show.
  20. Pete


    been trying to clean house and get rid of things i have too many of, have a couple sanderianum i would like to get rid of. plants are all previously bloomed, large, well growing plants, they all have had extremely long petals and bloomed on a single growth with a new start. 2-4 flowers on first...