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  1. GuRu

    My Paph concolor 2020

    I've been growing this Paph. concolor for about 10 years now and it's been flowering from time to time with 2 flowers. So it does this year and I'm very pleased. For comparison its flower from 2018 which I showed here too.
  2. GuRu

    Paph niveum frm. album

    In march I travelled for almost 4 week to the Caribbean like almost every year. Due to the corona crisis my journey this year was at the end a bit strange. Anyway, when I came back I found my P. niveum frm. album flowering, this time with 4 spikes. As you can see, not all flowers are...
  3. GuRu

    My Cypris in 2019 (2018)

    Today I took some photos of my Cyps outside. It was before the thunderstorm which we have here at the moment. This year the hybrids are doing still well but the C. reginaes are just a shadow of themselfs. Therefore I blame the hot and dry summer last year. A no name hybrid in my rockery which...
  4. GuRu

    Few Paphs In Autumn 2018

    After some months without posts, I've been back posting since few days. Few Paphs were flowering / are flowering in my collection and I want to share the photos with all the other Paph enthusiasts here. Enjoy Paphiopedilum hermanii (a nice dark clone) Paphiopedilum primulinum var...
  5. GuRu

    Paph henryi and purpuratum

    Since few weeks Paphiopedilum henryi and P. purpuratum have been in flower - both are reliable flowerer. Paph henryanum Paph purpuratum
  6. GuRu

    Tillandsias in August 2017

    Usually August is the month of flowering T. ionanthas with its flame red colouration and its blue flowertubes.......but even other Tillandsias attract with a lovely colouration. Tillandsia bulbosa (Central America - Venezuela) Tillandsia sprengeliana (Brazil endemic around Rio de...
  7. GuRu

    My Polyanthas in 2016/17

    At the moment in flower Paph stonei and older fotos (but not shown so far) of Paph rothschildianum Paph sanderianum
  8. GuRu

    My Brachys in 2017

    I didn't show fotos here for a long spell and some may have thought...I wouldn't be interested in Paphis anymore.....but it isn't that way. Here are few fotos of some of my Brachys which are flowerin on a windowsill right before my eyes.. when I'm sitting at my computer. Paph godefroyae...
  9. GuRu

    Amorphophallus konjak

    Not an orchid but a very impressive plant and flower - at least in my eyes. The hight of the biggest flower is 102 cm and the diameter is 24 cm. Don't ask for the smell - but it isn't that intensive as I would have expected it.
  10. GuRu

    Catasetum fimbriatum

    I'm back after a long spell of absence from this forum for private reasons. In these days my Catasetum fimbriatum is flowering again.....but this time complete different. Why? Well you may know Catasetums produce male and female flowers and this year my plant produced female flowers for the...
  11. GuRu

    Some Brachypetalum

    At the moment I'm pleased with my Paphis of the section Brachypetalum. Almost all of my plants are in flower or at least are spiking. Paph niveum album Paph bellatulum For comparison here its flower of 2012 (there are differences visible) Paph concolor var. longipetalum...
  12. GuRu

    Paph violascens and schoseri

    In these dark and dull winter days two gems were flowering in my collection: Paph violascens Paph schoseri
  13. GuRu

    Two clones of helenae and maliopense

    Since few weeks P. helenae blooms have been shown here and I won't miss it to show photos of mine two different helenae clones. At first a common P. helenae This is a pale greenish / yellowish clon, the older the blooms get the closer they will come to P. helenae aureum, but it isn't...
  14. GuRu

    Two Tillandsias in autumn 2012

    Maybe you know from former postings I grow some Tillandsias beside my Paphs. Here are some photos of the latest flowering plants in autumn 2012. The home of Tillandsia straminea are Ecuador and Peru. I've grown this plant since 2009 and it flowered this year for the very first time. The...
  15. GuRu

    It's Tillandsia ionantha time

    Late summer is the time for Tillandsia ionantha to bloom. Here are the latest photos of some diffenrent clones: Tillandsia ionantha (the normal form), I've been growing this clump for more than ten years now) Tillandsia ionantha (another clone) Tillandsia ionantha 'hazelnut'...
  16. GuRu

    My Paphs in 2011 - so far

    Although these two first time flowering Paphs started flowering in the last days of 2010 I was just able to take photos in the first days of 2011. So I will start my 2011 thread with these images. Paphiopedilum callosum Not the best callosum in flowershape and stance especially of the petals...
  17. GuRu

    Phrag caudatum var. wallisii

    It's hard to picture blooms and spike completely, due to the loooooooong petals!! Therefore I took three photos!! Since these flowers have opened I am fascinated by them over and over!
  18. GuRu

    My Paphs in 2010 - so far

    This year is already 3 months old and at last the first Paphs are in flower now. Paph appletonianum and closeups of staminode and pollen Paph concolor var. longipetalum also closeups of staminode and pollen Three other ones are spiking and the buds are...
  19. GuRu

    Phragmipedium 'Olaf Gruss'

    My Phrag 'Olaf Gruss' is the very first Phrag I flowered ever. It was a gift from Kyle when he worked as a shop assistant in a booth of an South American vendor at the flower show in Dresden here in Germany. Thanks again Kyle!! First picture was taken a fortnight ago with just one flower open...
  20. GuRu

    Tillandsias 2010

    I've been growing a nice collection of Tillandsias - some of them for more than 25 years. This photos shows them hanging in their winter quarters behind our balcony window. The summer quarters is outside between April/May and October/November. Tillandsia crocata / Argentinia, Bolivia...