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  1. orchidmaven

    Paph. conco-bellatulum

    Hello, Many of you know I have been active in breeding complex slippers. I have been looking for a division of Paph. Geraldine 'Pajaro' to no avail. I though I'd post here in hopes it exists in someones collection. If you have a division for sale or trade, let me know. Thank you in advance...
  2. orchidmaven

    Hillsview Gardens - Flask and Community Pot List

    January ShoutOut from Hillsview Gardens - Flask and Community Pots Lind to PDF below. http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ddb435_c170aa735f474b35a8b3d616a803df8f.pdf Running low on HP596 and HP597 Happy New Year!
  3. orchidmaven

    Slipper Symposium PreOrder List

    Hillsview Gardens will be offering plants for sale at the 19th International Slipper Orchid Symposium held in conjunction with the AOS Fall Members Meeting at Highland Manor in Apopka, FL. October 31 - November 3. Our PreOrder list is posted at the top of our home page for Hillsview Gardens...
  4. orchidmaven

    Hillsview Gardens ShoutOut Special October

    Hillsview Gardens ShoutOut Special featuring Complex Paphiopedilum Seedlings at Wholesale Prices, Select Divisions, Species, and Classic White Complex. PDF link below or visit Hillsview Gardens homepage and click the link at the top of the page. Also available at our Hillsview Gardens facebook...
  5. orchidmaven

    Flash Sale Week of 9/6 to 9/13

    Hillsview Gardens is having a first time Flash Sale for Slippertalk! All community pot sales from our Hobby Community Pots – Summer Special will receive a 10% discount for one week ONLY! Follow the link below to our Shout Out Special...
  6. orchidmaven

    Paph. Dollgoldi

    Paph. Dollgoldi (rothschildianum 'Early Bird' x armeniacum 'Golden Globe'), these have been outstanding in color and form with many presenting 3 flowers on first bloom seedlings. The photo shows two first bloom seedlings. We just received word, a client received an FCC/AOS award on her plant at...
  7. orchidmaven

    Shout Out Special December 2015

    Hillsview Gardens Shout Out Special for December 2015 featuring Select Divisions, Flasks and Cutting Edge Paphiopedilum fairrieanum community pots! http://media.wix.com/ugd/ddb435_5e3bc6154c934ae98da1aa9030824e00.pdf Visit the website at - http://www.hillsviewgardens.com
  8. orchidmaven

    Flask List - Hillsview Gardens

    Hillsview Gardens Flask List Available. http://media.wix.com/ugd/ddb435_5cd398b341254ffe8b7b4547d990cffc.pdf
  9. orchidmaven

    Complex Slipper Sale

    Hillsview Gardens is offering for the month of August to September 15th. All Seedling Complex Paphiopedilums are offered at 20% off. There is a Minimum Order of 10 plants. Please call or email your order as the website will not allow for discount orders. Visit Hillsview Gardens Website for...
  10. orchidmaven

    New List of Slippers!

    Paphiopedilum Flasks, Hobby Community Pots, and Seedling Special. Visit the website to download our Shout Out List. Just click the link below and select the PDF at the top of the Home Page for Hillsview Gardens. http://www.hillsviewgardens.com/ Or just download the pdf here...
  11. orchidmaven

    New List

    Paphiopedilum Flasks, Hobby Community Pots, and Select Divisions. Visit the website to download our Shout Out List of Flasks, Hobby Community Pots and Select Divisions. Just click the link below titled go to my website and select the PDF at the top of the Home Page for Hillsview Gardens...
  12. orchidmaven

    Select Divisions List

    Hillsview Gardens Paphiopedilum Select Division list is now posted in PDF at the top page http://www.hillsviewgardens.com It is our most comprehensive list. Please let us know if you have any questions concerning the list. Just wanted to add this photo showing a pair of first flowered...
  13. orchidmaven

    Hillsview Gardens Community Pots

    Hillsview Gardens has a new list of Community Pots available. These will only be available for 30 days as they will need potting out very soon. Just follow the link below..... http://hillsviewgardens.com/textfiles/HillsviewComPots_2014_1.pdf The list features some exciting new Complex...
  14. orchidmaven

    Blooming Size Complex Paphiopedilums Wholesale

    Hillsview Gardens Blooming Size Complex Paphiopedilums Wholesale Minimum order on this special is 25 plants. These are growing in 3.25" pots ready to bud this fall. This is the best time to stock up on complex slippers from Hillsview Gardens. Our summer special is always well received and...
  15. orchidmaven

    Paph. Dire Wolf 'Memoria Glenn Gardner' AM/AOS

    Measuring in at 15.4 cm. across is this stunning Paph. Dire Wolf 'Memoria Glenn Gardner' AM/AOS awarded at the American Orchid Society Membership Meeting in Portland, Oregon on November 14, 2012. The show was hosted by the Portland Orchid Society. Paph. Dire Wolf 'Memoria Glenn Gardner' AM/AOS
  16. orchidmaven

    First Bloom Seedling from Thunder Bay

    The season is getting underway here at Hillsview Gardens. The A.O.S. Membership Meeting was just hosted by the Portland Orchid Society, a great success for everyone involved. This seedling was just dug up out of a community flat because I did not want to loose sight of it. It should get better...
  17. orchidmaven

    Complex Paphiopedilums in Bud ~ Specials

    Hillsview Gardens is offering two Complex Paphiopedilum Specials for November. Please let us know if you will be attending the American Orchid Society Membership meeting in Portland, November 13th - 18th. If you cannot attend I will pick you out some lovely big buded slippers! Visit the website...
  18. orchidmaven

    New Monthly Specials

    We are offering two specials this month. Visit the website at~ http://www.hillsviewgardens.com Theresa Hill
  19. orchidmaven

    Slipper Display at our Open House

    Here is the Complex Slipper display during our open house this last January. Hope you all can make it next January. Just a few of what you have to choose from if you come visit us during the open house! Theresa
  20. orchidmaven

    Paph. Don Egger 'Web Master'

    This has flowered better each year. This is the best yet! Don was the best! Paph. Don Egger 'Web Master'