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    Paph Matrix

    (S.Gratrix"Lemon zest" x Conco-bellatelum "Pert") Received as a seedling in bud from Nick, petals are 6.25 cm wide
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    Now we have 2 cats too.....

    Louie, a rescue from the humane society, he is a Snowshoe, and had all 4 paws declawed....you can see his little toes do look mangled. He is sweet, likes to "make biscuits" on us, but doesn't like to be held. We have had him just over a year. And then there is Tasha. She was a stray who...
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    Pap Barb Hella

    From Ross a couple years ago. This is after it was several weeks open, it was more greenish at first. Thanks again Ross.
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    Bess Flav

    From a few months back
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    Feb 14

    In bloom today....Phrag Franz Glanz, Kelly Nash and Moutain maid Flav
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    Guess the cross

    This is a cross of a primary back to one of the parent species....a nice tiny "teacup"phrag. It is in a 2" pot, plant about 6" tall
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    Phrag Robin Red Breast...another Flavum!

    I got this from Orchids Ltd, after the first of the yr, and it started spiking soon after! And the last shot showing it with my Mountain Maid which is also blooming, to give you an idea of size.
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    Phrag Charlie Hanson

    This is a very nice flower on a compact plant. I think it has more of a wild flower look to it.
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    mystery Phrag

    I got this as a Demetria x Mary Bess, but it has barely a hint of rosy color in the pouch, and was told it was probably labeled incorrectly. The leaves are narrow, and the plant remains relatively small. Any guesses on the actual parentage?
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    Phrag Autumn Fire

    This one is quite a bit paler than others I have seen.
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    Phrag Eric Young x Sorcerer's Apprentice

    I have had this for several yrs, and finally got it to bloom under brighter lights
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    Paph Glaucophyllum x Victoriae Marie

    OOOPS... I meant paph victoriae marie x PRIMULINUM
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    Phrag Mountain Maid, flavum

    Looks very similar to others I have seen posted.
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    My St Swithin

    I have had this for yrs, but it really took off when I started growing under brighter light.
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    Flavum influenced Phrags

    Does anyone have information on a source for compots of flavum phrags? I was thinking of trying something like a St Ouen with a flavum background. I already have a compot from Orchid babies of Eric young (besseae flavum x longifolium gracile 'Birchwood' AM/AOS). Still a ways to go before they...
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    yellow besseae vigor

    Are the flavum besseae the result of a simple recessive trait? It so, couldn't vigor be bred into them easily by doing a cross of a big improved red besseae with a yellow, then an f1 cross to get 1/4 new robust yellow phrags in the next generation? Or are there other problems with fertility? I...
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    MDC 4N X Ackers Superstar

    Buds are a real dark cranberry red, opens to a nice true red
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    Phrag Besseae4n x Twilight 4n

    the photos don't quite capture the neon orangeness of this, not a pastel or muddy color at all. I think this is Acker's Starlight, which is supposed to be more red, but I really like it as is
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    spiking paphs...influences on eventual stem length

    I have a couple of complex paphs that are starting to spike, and wondered if there is anything I can do to influence stem length of the flowers. They have been growing out doors for the summer, but will be back under artificial lights for their further development, and are now just sheaths with...
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    Chuck Acker has another offer

    "Assorted Phragmipediums Robust plants in 4.5" pots ready for shifting up! Some have flowered once and some are in spike now. Minimum order of 10 plants, mix or match. Shipped bare root." Magdalene Rose 4N Cape Sunset Sunset Glow 4N Summer Sun Soft Spot Apple Pie Bright Spot Twilight x...