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  1. Jason Fischer

    The passing of Holger Perner

    Yes a most unfortunate turn of events. He will be missed. I'm not sure of where he was when he passed, but I have heard it was due to a heart attack. He certainly played an important role in the slipper world with his tours, lectures and exporting. I enjoyed the few times I got to meet and...
  2. Jason Fischer

    What is this?

    Hey guys, I just was reading through the forum and see that perhaps I need to do some damage control? Yes, that is a Hanne Popow Flavum. Have you contacted us about the mix up yet? I don't always handle all the e-mails. Also, Eric, was that Jason Fischer from us as well? Let me know...
  3. Jason Fischer

    Paph. (California Girl 'Sweetie' x In-Charm Lipstick '#5')

    California Girl is still one of the best reds out there (and still one of the best red complex breeders). Thanks for sharing.
  4. Jason Fischer

    Phrag Allison Strohm

    That's a Suzanne Decker for sure. We've flowered several of each cross. Allison Strohm is also highly variable in shape, color and size, but I've never seen one that looks like Suzanne Decker. Nice looking flower!
  5. Jason Fischer

    Longofolium album in bud

    We've flowered about 6 of these so far, and they are very nice. It seems like a difficult plant to grow from flask, but once they've established they are very strong growers. I've been crossing a lot of things with pink and white with this (also back crossing onto the Eric Young made with...
  6. Jason Fischer

    Phragmipedium Graeme Jones

    I had the opportunity of meeting Graeme Jones himself when I was in Perth, Australia last September. He is a pretty good phrag grower and he also showed me photos of his own Phrag. Graeme Jones, which were superb in shape but more on the pink side when compared to this one. I would say of any...
  7. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. andreettae

    Wow, for a species known to have rather poor form, I'd say this is the best one I've ever seen! Good job. Another neat thing about this plant (for those who may not know) is that it is non-stoloniferous (like fischeri, so it doesn't jump out of the pot), and it is also a self-pollinator, like...
  8. Jason Fischer

    bellatulum x leucochilum

    To clear up some confusion, this is a hybrid called S.Gratrix. It is actually one of the most important brachy hybrids around! S.Gratrix flowers, on a good plant, are much larger than either parent. Plus, leucochilum can't grow well intermediate or cool, which is why it is important to put...
  9. Jason Fischer

    Orchids Limited at the 7th New Zealand National Orchid Expo in New Plymouth

    For any New Zealanders who may be frequenting this forum, I'd like to announce my visit to NZ this year. The Orchid Expo will be held November 1st - 3rd, with a preview party on 10/31. I have a flask list prepared for those who would like to pre-order. e-mail me at orchids@orchidweb.com and...
  10. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Haley Decker

    Wow, bravo. I've only had a few of the species kovachii reach this size (the largest one, 'Moyobamba' is 10 growths currently)... but never one of the hybrids. For me, they grow one or two new growths at a time. I assume you are growing semi-hydro?
  11. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Perusian Sunrise (Fritz Schomburg x St. Ouen)

    Ah ha! Odd that they wouldn't change it though...
  12. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    I've seen quite a few from Orchidview, and this is about as good as they get. That would certainly take an award, but more importantly, it is just gorgeous!
  13. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Perusian Sunrise (Fritz Schomburg x St. Ouen)

    Anyone else notice the name 'Perusian'? It's not a word. I think H.P. meant, 'Peruvian' when he registered this?
  14. Jason Fischer

    Discounted P.L. Light HPS units for sale

    Update, all three units have sold. Thank you!
  15. Jason Fischer

    Discounted P.L. Light HPS units for sale

    The photos: Used 430 unit: New 400 Super unit: New 400 Super Remote unit:
  16. Jason Fischer

    Discounted P.L. Light HPS units for sale

    Since we have switched to selling LED lights only, I am clearing out all remaining HPS units. These are made by P.L. light, which is one of the most sturdy brands around when it comes to HPS. We still have units running in our nursery that were installed in the early 90's. I have three for...
  17. Jason Fischer

    3 Henry sibs

    Those are looking good Rick! How are the seedlings doing that I sent you?
  18. Jason Fischer

    What kovachii hybrid?

    I'm going to throw in a possibility and say it may be kovachii x fischeri. I've only seen one photo of it, but it was from the UK (as is quaker) and I've never seen them blooming size in North America as of yet. In addition, the close up picture shows many tiny hairs on the pouch, a distinct...
  19. Jason Fischer

    Phragmipedium kovachii

    So I'm curious, was this a 'Maximus' x 'Goliath' sib? So far, that cross has given me the best shape overall, and yours is showing much better than average shape. I'd say that's a winner! Congrats!
  20. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. kovachii 'Morobamba'

    Typically removing the pollen immediately (as the flower is still opening) will decrease the chance of self-pollination. However, if the pollen is already touching the stigmatic surface while the flower opens, you are bound to get some selfings. The good thing about making hybrids is that within...