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    Paph. Temptation

    This was the 2nd blooming back in June. I hadn't decided where to host photos after getting away from photobucket. The bloom from the previous year also had 7 buds, but the topmost was kinda small, and eventually blasted. This time it stayed put. I was pleased with the arrangement of the...
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    Paph. gratrixianum

    Sold/labeled as Paph. gratrixianum, but this one has no spotting. Maybe a hybrid?
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    Paph. Lyro Blackhawk

    Like a dark mini roth type. Dark even with the flash on the camera. 2nd blooming, but 1st for me. The entire plant is about 12 or 13 inches wide.
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    Paph gratrixianum Question

    I have a paph that was sold to me as Paph. gratrixianum. I am not convinced that it is what I was told it was because It is currently in bloom, and has no spotting on it, just the purple spots at the base of the leaves like every other paph. gratrixianum I've seen. I am wondering it it could...
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    Paph gratrixianum

    Anyone have a photo of Paph gratrixianum when the bud is beginning to show above the leaves? I have one that I can't tell if it is putting up a bud or a new leaf. Considering the time of the year, I would not expect a bloom this late, but I'm not sure what it is doing. Tks.
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    Paph lowii, Paph gratrixianum, & Paph Berenice

    A few currently in bloom. Paph. lowii Paph. gratrixianum Paph. Berenice
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    Paph philippinense

    Trying out Flickr to see if I can post photos. Both of these are 2nd blooms for me. One has two spikes with 5 & 4 blooms, I think. The other photo has 6 blooms, the 7th was too small and dried up - maybe next time. Longer petals, and not as twisted as the first one. 2nd spike starting, too...
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    Roth question

    I just purchased a Paph. rothschildianum from H & R Nurseries here in Hawaii. They didn't provide the cross, but I was told that one of the parents came from Wilbur Chang and had a dorsal sepal that was rather green vice white. I asked if that meant it was an alba, and was told no, it would be...
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    Photo Tips?

    Where would we post info/questions about taking photos, and how to improve them?
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    Paph. philippinense

    Paph. philippinense (JEM AM/AOS x fma alboflavum 'Sterling') This is the first bloom on a smallish, 3-fan & 1 small growth, paph. I was happy to see the petals develop that twist I admire on all the photos I see posted. It has 4 blooms in various stages of opening, and a small nub that may...
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    FBI Director FIRED!!

    Bout time trump! Wish I was there to join the celebration. One less spy / shill to deal with. This may be the first time in history for this.
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    Paph's in Hawaii?

    Looking for: Paph. parishii (but don't know if it is too warm here) Paph. dianthum (same question on temp) Paph. kolopakingii Paph. philippinense Paph. philippinense var. roebelenii Paph. Prince Edward of York Paph. Michael Koopowitz Paph. Temptation Paph. Chiu Hua...
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    Only 5 paphs (so far)

    I acquired 2 Paph. rothschildianum (Green Valley x Dou Fang), 2 Paph. sanderianum, and 1 Paph Michael Koopowitz. I'd love to find a Paph. dianthum, and a Paph. parishii. :poke:
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    Inherited 5 paphs

    Hi, I just inherited 2 Paph. rothschildianums (Green Valley x Dou Fang); both are 19" tip to tip, and one has 3 fans. Next, I have 2 Paph. sanderianums; one is 21" tip to tip, and the second one is 20". Last, I have a Paph. philippinense x Pap. sanderianum; 14" tip to tip with 3 fans. I don't...
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    New to paphs, but have limited experience with other types. Looking to gain some knowledge.:D