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  1. orchid527

    a tale of tails

    It struck me as interesting how similar these flowers are, but how different the petals are, so I took the time to investigate. The photo on the left is Les Dirouilles, which is Sorcerer's Apprentice x Leslie Garay. SA = longifolium x sargentianum. LG = caudatum x longifolium. The photo on...
  2. orchid527

    Awarded Bel Royal x kovachii for sale

    This is Perusian Royalty "Peggy" AM/AOS, CCE/AOS (88 and 90 points 2017). The first photo is after the plant was awarded in 2017. The second photo is of the plant when it started branching in 2019. For reference, the display is on a 6 ft table. I divided it then and gave a piece to Chuck...
  3. orchid527

    Awarded Peruflora's Cirila Alca for sale

    This is a division of Peruflora's Cirila Alca "Peggy" AM/AOS (83 points, 2015) The plant has several previously bloomed growths and a new one just started. It will bloom on this new growth next spring. This plant is dalessandroi x kovachii, with dalessandroi as the pod parent. I also have a...
  4. orchid527

    kovachii for sale

    Mature, blooming size kovachii for sale $175, or best offer. I will ship bare root by USPS Priority for free. No AZ, AK, CA or OUS. The photo of the flower is from when it last bloomed for me February of 2019. I split the plant into two equal parts and it tried to bloom again this year, but...
  5. orchid527


    I purchased this from Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology in December of 2012 as a small seedling. I believe it was their second trip to the US. I also bought a flask from them at the same time and have one left that should bloom in about 2 years. This plant is a single growth with a leaf span...
  6. orchid527

    Wossner China Moon

    Bought this as a seedling about 5 years ago. It bloomed a year later with a slightly twisted flower, but I thought it looked promising. This is the second blooming and the natural spread is about 12 cm. It has been open for about 3 days, so it might get a little larger. If it were possible...
  7. orchid527

    Johanna Burkhardt

    Bought several of these from a grower in Hawaii about the same time all of the FCCs were being awarded. The consensus appears to be that the adductum parent was actually anitum, which is likely the case for this plant too, but I'm going with what the label says. The plant has a leaf span of...
  8. orchid527

    Fritz Shomburg from OZ

    I bought a flask of these just before they went out of business. I believe the kovachii had an FCC and the besseae was their "Mega" clone. This is the first to bloom and probably the only one that will bloom this year. The color is a little darker than some FSs, but it still has a little...
  9. orchid527

    Another Liberty Taiwan

    This is hangianum x micranthum "Rouget" FCC/AOS. I purchased a flask of these and have bloomed several. The color is always good, but the ones with the largest petals were floppy and the markings were less distinct. I have a few left yet to bloom, but I suspect I'm not going to get one with...
  10. orchid527

    Some paph species currently in bloom

    The first is a malipoense which has been in bloom for 8 weeks. The second is a delenatii alba that has just opened. The third is appletonianum v hainanense "Peggy" AM/AOS which has been in bloom for about 2 weeks. The fourth is a bellatulum that blooms for me reliably each year. The last one...
  11. orchid527

    Couple of phrags in bloom

    The first is Glen Decker and the second is Peruflora's Cirila Alca "Peggy" AM/AOS. Both are reliable bloomers.
  12. orchid527

    Phrag Summer Sun

    This is Eric Young x Waunakee Sunset purchased as a small seedling. I saw the bud about a month ago, but was mostly ignoring it since it was a small plant with just a few leaves. NS = 10.5 cm. I am inclined to grow this for another year or two. Mike
  13. orchid527

    Paph Bryce Larkin

    This is Fumi's Delight 'Barbara Ann's Butterbowl' AM/AOS x micranthum 'War Eagle' HCC/AOS, out of a flask from Windy Hill Gardens. They have been very slow growers. The spread is about 9 cm. The edges of the petals are a little wavy and the colors muted. Otherwise, an interesting flower. Mike
  14. orchid527

    Paph Mem Larry Heuer

    This is malipoense x emersonii. The plant grows well and flowers easily, but the flower is not very special. However, this year it was sitting lower on the benches and I had a better view of the pouch. I thought you might be interested. Mike
  15. orchid527

    kovachii seedlings

    These are 10 weeks out of a flask from Chuck Acker. There were 25 seedlings and I split them into four roughly equal groups and potted them into different media. The one on the top left is Orchiata + perlite. The one on the top right is NZ sphagnum moss. The lower left is Promix HP + extra...
  16. orchid527

    Paph Genevieve Booth

    This is Mt Toro "SVO" AM/AOS x roth "Raja Kumis" FCC/AOS, purchased several years ago from SVO as a seedling. It is not awardable, but I keep it anyway because it is a nice flower and reliable bloomer. The flower has a spread of about 20 cm and the dorsal has a width of 4.4 cm. Mike
  17. orchid527

    Paph Booth's Strap Leaf

    Purchased from SVO four or five years ago as a large seedling, I now know how it got the name. The leaves are almost 40 cm long and 6.5 cm wide. The cross is Susan Booth "SVO" HCC/AOS x Saint Swithin "Black Rook". The flower spike is 60 cm long and the individual flowers have a natural...
  18. orchid527

    Tolumnia Golden Sunset "Lisa"

    I got this years ago from Hermann Pigors and received a CCM about 11 years ago. Like many plants it has its ups and downs, but this year's blooming looks pretty good. There are about 130 flowers on the plant. The flowers with the most white have been open the longest. Mike
  19. orchid527

    Red Lightning x Grande

    Purchased from Windy Hills Gardens years ago, it has been one of my most reliable bloomers. Flowers are about 15 inches from top to bottom. Sorry for the quality of the photo, but it is a gloomy day outside. Mike
  20. orchid527

    Catt schilleriana

    This was one of the best two out of the flask. This year it bloomed with nine flowers, but I have no shows coming up, so I didn't do any grooming. Mike