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  1. Jason Fischer

    Orchids Limited at the 7th New Zealand National Orchid Expo in New Plymouth

    For any New Zealanders who may be frequenting this forum, I'd like to announce my visit to NZ this year. The Orchid Expo will be held November 1st - 3rd, with a preview party on 10/31. I have a flask list prepared for those who would like to pre-order. e-mail me at orchids@orchidweb.com and...
  2. Jason Fischer

    Discounted P.L. Light HPS units for sale

    Since we have switched to selling LED lights only, I am clearing out all remaining HPS units. These are made by P.L. light, which is one of the most sturdy brands around when it comes to HPS. We still have units running in our nursery that were installed in the early 90's. I have three for...
  3. Jason Fischer

    Orchid Flasks of Paph. Amarantine

    This is my favorite subgenus cochlopetalum hybrid to date. It really has nice color, and probably is one of the largest flowered hybrids of its kind. However, I do notice they do not flower for over one year like the Pinocchio hybrids can. Here's a link to the sales page, followed by a photo...
  4. Jason Fischer

    Paph. Doll's Kobold (henryanum x charlesworthii) flasks for sale

    I just posted this on our website. It's one of my favorite primary hybrids. http://www.orchidweb.com/detail.aspx?ID=2818 10 plants for $50. Although it's not an option on our website, I can do USPS Priority Mail for $10, and you can paypal us to orchids@orchidweb.com. I don't have a...
  5. Jason Fischer

    Paph. Fanaticum Flasks

    On of my favorite primary hybrids. Paph. malipoense 'Wide Spread' x micranthum 'Pink Bubble' 1/2 flask (10 plants) $50 Full flask (15 plants) $75 Shipping will be FedEx 2 day air at $18 each, $4 for each additional added to the order. USPS Priority is $10 each, $3 for each additional...
  6. Jason Fischer

    More Paph. Flasks for sale

    The following flasks are ready for de-flasking and should have a minimum of 15 decent plants. I prefer de-flasking, placing the plants in a zip lock bag and shipping them. I have had very good luck shipping this way. Paph. Lucille Ball 'Lucky Lucy' x Paph. wenshanense 'Circle of Life' x 1 @...
  7. Jason Fischer

    Orchids Limited at the 20th WOC in Singapore

    I'd like to announce that we will be attending this event as a vendor and offering to bring pre-ordered plants and flasks to this event. If you haven't seen where this event is being held at yet, you should certainly take a look at this link: http://www.20woc.com.sg/site/ It is being held at...
  8. Jason Fischer

    Thread below should say Fritz Schomburg FLASKS

    Apparently I couldn't edit the title once I submitted the thread.
  9. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Fritz Schomburg Flasks For Sale

    I have three flasks of Phrag. Fritz Schomburg available for sale. There are a good 25+ plants in each flask, and they are ready for de-flasking. I thought I'd offer these on slippertalk before de-flasking them as I think I have as much as I need for the future already. This particular cross...
  10. Jason Fischer

    New Brachy Flask Wellesleyanum x wenshanense

    Within the next 6 months, we will be listing many flasks on a regular basis. Here are a couple for now. I have two flasks available right now of Wellesleyanum (leucochilum x concolor) x wenshanense. The goal here is to produce a larger looking Wellesleyanum flower as wenshanense are...
  11. Jason Fischer

    Neofinetia decorative pots added to our site

    These aren't slippers, but they sure are neat! I am starting to list some of the "Nishiki Bachi" pots on our website now. These are all individual pots, so the picture you see is the pot you get. Quite impressive art work from the Aichi prefecture in Japan, which makes the most...
  12. Jason Fischer

    Paph. primulinum flavum flasks

    Long time no post everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been more active lately. Happy Spring! We have a good production of primulinum flavum flasks that are ready for de-flasking, cram-packed with healthy plants. These are very vigorous seedlings. There are approximately 25 + plants per flask...
  13. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. kovachii ('Maximus' x 'Goliath')

    Hello all. I thought I'd start a new thread on this one, so people don't have to search for all the pics. This kovachii was de-flasked in the spring of 2005, almost taking 5 years to flower. It is the first kovachii we have flowered. We had one from the same batch spike last summer, but it...
  14. Jason Fischer

    Alberta Annual Orchid Fair cancellation

    Dear Canadian customers, I deeply regret to inform you that I am unable to attend the orchid fair this year. We have been waiting on our Cites permits from the US Fish and Wildlife. Unfortunately, the office is located in Washinton D.C., which was shut down for almost an entire week due...
  15. Jason Fischer

    Orchid Society of Alberta Annual Orchid Fair - Canada

    February 19th - 21st - Orchid Society of Alberta Orchid Fair, Canada Orchids Limited will be a vendor at this event. Pre-orders are welcome. Please specify "Alberta Orchid Society" in the special instructions field when placing an order online. Since this is an international orchid event...
  16. Jason Fischer

    A good time to plant cypripediums

    I thought I'd announce that this is the best time of the year to transplant cypripedium as the root systems are large from the summer growth season, and the dormant eyes are developed so we can get a good count on what should flower next season. If you ever wanted a large cyp. reginae clump...
  17. Jason Fischer

    Reminder for Fraser Valley Orchid Society show

    Dear Canadian customers: I'll be at this event and bringing pre-orders as well. I just wanted to remind those of you attending this show that the deadline for all Appendix II plants (basically everything but paphs or phrags) is September 15th. Here's the info from our website: October 17th &...
  18. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Eumelia Arias (kovachii x schlimii)

    While this is the smallest kovachii hybrid I have seen to date (10 CM NS), I have become very fond of this flower. The color is nice, and the flower is fragrant which is a trait from schlimii. I plan on breeding it with other schlimii hybrids to keep working with the fragrance, but also would...
  19. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Hanne Popow and Barbara LeAnn back in stock

    Two classical primary phrags, Hanne Popow and Barbara LeAnn are back in stock. We haven't re-made these hybrids in several years, so it will be exciting to see the new form and color this time around. The pictures posted are from our previous plants as we have not seen these flower as of yet...
  20. Jason Fischer

    Phrag. Suzanne Decker and Allison Strohm

    Pictures don't do these flowers justice in one respect; you can't really see how humongous these are! We are all used to what phrags and their hybrids do, so we generally see a pic and figure the flower is between 6 and 10 CM large. I have to hand it to Glen Decker, he really had the right...