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    Optimal temperature for bulldog paphs

    I'm a new paph grower looking to grow some complex paph crosses alongside tropical pitcher plants on my grow racks. In my apartment summer temps are around 80f day/72f night, and winter temps are 72f day/ 60-65f night. I am wondering if this is enough temperature variation to bloom complex paph...
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    Old Paph hybrids- what is still around?

    Thanks for the info! Its great that the old crosses are still out there. Another I am interested in is P. x Nitens, very old primary cross, but seems a few growers still have it.
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    Old Paph hybrids- what is still around?

    Do you have any names of these particular breeders/nurseries that may have old material? Most of my involvement with the orchid hobby has been with species-focused growers and nurseries, so I know very little of the paph breeders in the USA.
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    New Paph grower, interested in complex crosses

    Hi all, I'm a carnivorous plant hobbyist (mainly Nepenthes) and I am interested in branching out into Paphs. Got my first paph (P. armeniacum) a week ago- not a great beginner plant, but I am fortunate enough to live in a climate with cool, mostly frost free winters, so it is wintering outdoors...
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    Old Paph hybrids- what is still around?

    I'm a carnivorous plant grower (mainly Nepenthes- tropical pitcher plants) and would like to get into paphs. I collect "old" Nepenthes hybrids, mainly the handful of surviving hybrids from the Victorian era when Veitch&sons nusery was operating, and crosses made in the Japanese hybridizing boom...