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    C.Adela, a primary hybrid

    That's a beauty.
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    Great photos and flower.
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    cattleya bicolor alba

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    Phrag longifolium

    Great colors!
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    a few more stellar objects part three

    So much appreciate getting orchid and astronomy fix's in one place! Thanks Ed.
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    So many spikes, and sheaths.

    Bud party in your greenhouse! Congrat's on the turnaround.
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    Paphiopedilum vietnamense in situ

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Some Multies for December

    Multi heaven over there. Great growing.
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    Paph. barbigerum v. album 'Albino Beauty' AM/AOS

    Good one. I like the sound of that helenae v. album cross.
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    Chiu hua dancer 'kazoku' 2017

    What a specimen. Great growing Troy.
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    Paphiopedilum micranthum album

    Looking forward to it. Don't do anything crazy!
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    In-Charm Handel

    I like it. Easy grower?
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    Paphiopedilum Dollgoldi ( rothschildianum x armeniacum )

    Very nice....congrat's on getting this finicky hybrid to bloom.
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    Mormodes hybrid

    Very exotic.
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    Ecuador Trip in search for Selenipedium (May 2017)

    Great video, thanks. Must have been a awesome.
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    Habenaria Raymond Lussier

    What an awesome hybrid. Have never seen that one before.
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    Sartylis Blue Knob

    So cool!
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    Paph. fairrieanum

    Nice one and excellent close-up photos.