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    Darwinara Rainbow Stars

    Looks awesome! Are you growing them in just the fiber?
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    Caulocattleya Chantilly Lace

    What is the cross(es) involved? They're very nice!
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    Paph. Berenice, not quite album

    I like the soft touch of color.
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    2nd flower of fischerii

    Looks great.
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    Phal. cornu-cervi 'red' x Tsay's Evergreen

    Very cool looking bloom! Looks like their are a few, very light, red spots?
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    Hideous flower

    I like the color!
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    Waunakee Sunset x kovachii

    I love the shape and color! 2 foot long stem is pretty impressive.
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    Paph. Wu's Giant Frog

    Very cool!
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    Satin Smoke

    Looks awesome. I don't love the name though. Just doesn't seem to fit the bloom (in my opinion).
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    Humidity too high?

    Don't use Physan twice a day. It can be hard on your plants. Put your humidifier on a timer. Have it on for an hour, off for an hour. Also, make sure that on fan is moving enough air. You may need to spray everything down with a water, hydrogen peroxide mix. That should kill offer mold.
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    screwed by your job?!

    I must have misread something. I bring it up because the last place I worked for threaten to fire me for not following chain-of-command and tried to punish me. I quit! I just don't want to see anyone lose their job.
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    screwed by your job?!

    I'm glad there was a happy outcome for you!
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    Paph Sun Pebbles

    I like it!
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    Dendrobium wattii

    Love the white and yellow striped throat!
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    Paph. bougainvilleanum

    I agree!
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    venustum Elk Creek x Foxcatcher

    Cool, nice color.
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    Paph rothschildianum - Janet FCC/AOS x Western Springs AM/AOS

    Very nice. The color and petals look awesome.
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    screwed by your job?!

    I wouldn't have cc'd the boss. You don't want to start stepping on people's feet just yet. Call the payroll people. It could have just been a payroll error on their part, it happens.
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    Paph. moquettianum x anitum

    Yeah,I like the color.
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    Paph. spicerianum

    No stake, that is pretty impressive.