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    First flask- is this mold?

    Thanks for the advice! I potted them out and tried my best to rinse them as thoroughly as possible when I took them out of the flask (easier said than done). I’m keeping an eye on them for fungus, rot, etc. let me know if you have any advice for handling or proactively treating potential...
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    First flask- is this mold?

    Hi, this is my first time trying a flask. It just arrived and I’m trying to figure out if it’s mold that I’m seeing in the flask on the agar and if I should be concerned. It looks like the seller opened the flask to add some sort of cotton batting for shipping but I’m worried about the health...
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    Where and Where Not To Buy Slippers On Ebay

    I’m wondering if there’s updated information on these sellers since this thread is quite old. I’m looking at a flask from orchidspeed on eBay and noted the negative comments here about them and also saw some more positive comments about then on another thread here. Has anyone had more recent...