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  1. edkravcik

    Books on Slippers

    I own "Slipper Orchids, Paphiopedilum All Secrets Revealed" Picked it up on an online bookstore for $20 it was so bad that I left a pretty rotten review even though it was so greatly discounted It is, in my opinion, the singularly worst orchid book that I have. And I have 5 bookcases of...
  2. edkravcik


    There was an article in the Orchid Digest several years back that confirmed success in mericloning some paphs. If I recall there was limited success and an issue with deformity. Sorry but I don’t remember the author or exact issue.
  3. edkravcik

    is this for real?

    Damn spellcheck... tigrinum alba.
  4. edkravcik

    is this for real?

    It gets better.... there is a flask of Paph Tigrinya alba for $1950 listed by the same dealer now listed on EBay
  5. edkravcik

    Phrag Apollo or other kovachii backross

    Orchid Inn has flasks of : OIZ458 Phrag. Fritz Schomburg 'Zephyrus Best' x kovachii 'Warbird
  6. edkravcik

    Complex: Guess the cross

    Petals seem too wide but the spotting and pattern could be from fairrieanum
  7. edkravcik

    CITES and International shipping.

    If I have read the thread correctly, CITES would not apply to the new species if the grower exported flasks.
  8. edkravcik

    Something to Look forward to!

    thaianum x armeniacum?
  9. edkravcik

    Can anyone ID this plant?

    Medinilla magnifica
  10. edkravcik

    How to know when to harvest a pod and where can I get it flasked in Canada?

    I have not used them and they are newly opened but you could try The website indicated they do custom flasking and they are in Ontario
  11. edkravcik

    Is This Book Any Good??

    I purchased it on a book site that I used to check regularly. It popped up one day as 95% off. I assumed it was a remainder so I purchased one. The day after I purchased the price shot up again and never dropped As for the book's size. It is physically big and has lots of pages...
  12. edkravcik

    Is This Book Any Good??

    I have a copy . If I recall this book is listed at $250 or so a copy. I found it online for $20 plus shipping so I took a chance Even at $20 I would not buy this book again. Terrible print, worse quality paper and zero content compared to the classic Paph books. IMHO Do not waste your money
  13. edkravcik

    Paphiopedilum hangianum

    Fanaticum x rothschildianum perhaps? Registered as Paph Krull's Lace
  14. edkravcik

    Orchid bark in Canada?

    Just so you aren't caught unaware, Clouds only does cash transactions at the open house. I don't know if they would make an exception but you contact them beforehand.
  15. edkravcik

    Orchid bark in Canada?

    I bought a large bag at Clouds earlier this summer. My plants seem very happy with it. Perhaps if you showed at one of their open houses you could pick up the bark you need
  16. edkravcik

    Caribbean honeymoon destination suggestions

    I'm not sure if you are insisting upon a Caribbean island On my honeymoon in 2001 we did Costa Rica and our first stop was the Tortuguero National Park and town of the same name. It's on the Caribbean coast I have been back twice. There are nature tours on land and water,deep water...
  17. edkravcik

    Paramount Orchids

    I ordered from them several times when they were still in Alberta. Since the move to B.C. the shipping to Ontario was more than I was willing to pay In the past they always responded quickly to inquiries. Shipping was fast and the plants always arrived in prime condition I did find some of...
  18. edkravcik

    Paph. Muriel's Pearl, anyone have one?

    I believe there was a pic of the flower on
  19. edkravcik


    If you are able to order from Canada, check Cloud's Orchids website under species. They have several Vanilla species for sale. Good luck.