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    Paphiopedilum Krull`s Glacier (Mrs. White)

    I bought the same plant a few years ago at the Krull-Smith meeting in Florida. I had NO IDEA it was a meristem since I didn't know paphs could be cloned. I was exhibiting it as "Mrs. White" but not a valid name. Krull's Glacier is the valid name. Not certain of the parentage. Dr. Bill Schumann
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    Peruflora's Cirila Alca

    ? Is that straight kovatchii or one of it's hybrids? Very nice regardless. Dr. Bill Schumann
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    Are green complexes just albinos?

    Almost all of the white complex are based on the species nivium which is a tiny flower. Basically, white complex are crossing/back crossing of nivium with insigne sanderae with bits and pieces of other stuff added in. The "other stuff" increases the size but also adds extraneous color. The...
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    Hello from the Netherlands

    reply/favorite complex paphs Unfortunately, I like everything. I do seem to do a better job growing complex paphs. My place is a bit cooler. Have made around 175 crosses so far and many more in the works. Have had a small local business for almost 40 years. I've driven to The Orchid Zone maybe...
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    Hello from the Netherlands

    To Joran It's an absolute joy to have a younger person interested in paphs. Most orchid people are middle age or older. I just came back from the Paph Forum in D.C. and have some pictures, but not sure how to post them. (I'm older and not too computer savvy.) I have a commercial business and...