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  1. willamblera

    Phrag. ecuadorense 'Birchwood' HCC/AOS

    Great photography! Lovely flowers on compact plants.
  2. willamblera

    Angraecum erectum 'M & B' HCC/AOS

    Just purchased one of these.This orchid as the name suggests grows upright and mine is maybe 8 inches long. The leaves are short, maybe an inch long. There are amazing roots all along the stem. How do you grow this orchid? Do you give it a cool winter to initiate flowering? Great picture too.
  3. willamblera

    Teacup philippinense

    A novelty perhaps, but it seems that anyone of us with dwindling space for more orchids are just tickled pink to see relatively large flowers on small sized plants. I'm truly impressed. I'm new to this forum so other then aesthetics?, why is the pinching bad? Does this kind of flower formation...
  4. willamblera

    Thailand godefroyae again

    Very Impressive!
  5. willamblera

    Cypripedium parviflorum growing wild on the Prairies

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  6. willamblera

    Paph William Ambler

    Thanks for the info. Very informative.
  7. willamblera

    Paph William Ambler 'Carob' HCC/AOC

    Thanks David for those photos. I'm truly impressed and informed.
  8. willamblera

    Paphiopedilum praestans

    Gorgeous enormous flowers they are! I also noticed that you have lots more flowering in the background. I am envious!
  9. willamblera

    Paph William Ambler

    Darn...I mean Paph. Susan Booth!!!!!!!
  10. willamblera

    Paph William Ambler

    SlipperKing, I do agree that your William Ambler looks darker on the dorsal and lateral sepals. Carper's Susan Booth in a recent posting, looks like what I have, so I'm a believer. Could paph flowers be much lighter due to the flowers forming in bright light? That one gets late morning and then...
  11. willamblera

    tree frog at my place

    Great shot!
  12. willamblera

    Paph. Susan Booth

    Wow. Beautiful to behold. I'm trying to see the difference between Susan Booth and William Ambler. The differences look subtle to me. This is my William Ambler Regardless, I'm in awe of these lovelies.
  13. willamblera

    Paph William Ambler

    I can't contain my excitement :rollhappy: This is my first multifloral paph to flower for me. It seems that it will only have 2 flowers but this is its first flowering. Honestly shocked that it's doing so darn well. This was purchased from Cloud's last fall. Good return on that investment.
  14. willamblera

    Greetings from Montreal,QC

    Thanks everyone! I do have quite a bit of room dedicated to orchids but space-wise I'm now maxxed out :(
  15. willamblera

    Coming soon

    Thanks for posting all those pictures of that lovely phrag opening. I've never seen one open before so I've learnt something new today.
  16. willamblera

    Greetings from Montreal,QC

    Hi everyone! I've been growing orchids for a over 15 years. No greenhouse, but just managing to find some really sunny livingrooms to accommodate my collection of about 100 orchids. With the recent purchases of phrags( Penn's Creek Cascade, Grande, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Olaff Gruss) and paphs...