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  1. SlipperMatt

    Dick Wagner

    Lovely Dick Wagner! All the colours and form are gorgeous. I have a Kevin Porter, wich is in low bud now, after 3 years. Similar to Dick.
  2. SlipperMatt

    The Guessing Game: Insigne Villosum group

  3. SlipperMatt

    Armeniacum x thaianum

    I always love to see this tiny primary! Looks great! 🤩
  4. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Wössner Vietnam Moon

    Almost, but reverse of parents. Paph. emersonii x vietnamense.
  5. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Wössner Vietnam Moon

    Yes for sure: 1-1 single flower on two inflorescenses. NS=13,5cm ; DS= 5,5cm ; PW= 6,2cm ; no fragrance at all. :)
  6. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Wössner Vietnam Moon

  7. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Shen-Liu Peri

    This is my primary between anitum and moquettianum, registered by Shen-Liu Nursery Taiwan as Shen-Liu Peri. I bought it two years ago, as a mature plant with flowers from Sun-Moon Taiwan. The new growth developed to adult size within this two years and flowers for me this time. I am very happy...
  8. SlipperMatt

    Lunacy x Resurrection Light

    Best shape for a bulldog type. I like it too.
  9. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Delrosi

    Nope! I am using osmo for watering my plants. Some case (on every 5. watering) I add 30% chilled tap water, or using Epson Salt @ 0,5gr/l concentration. But on that case I am using only Epsom salt, nothing else to avoid the salt dissolve problems. Once every 6month I am spraying the foliage with...
  10. SlipperMatt

    Paphiopedilum gratrixianum

    What a nice mass of flower. I like it.
  11. SlipperMatt

    Paph. bellatulum

    Leaf length: 25cm, Sepal width: 4cm, Total width of flower: 7cm.
  12. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Delrosi

    Thx guys! Nothing secret. I am growing it under fluorescent tubes, with constant 25 degree Celsius. He's sitting in a 15cm plastic pot filled with mix of Orchiata Power 6, Pumice 2, Hydroton 2, CHC 2, Charcoal 1parts. I am fertilizing every second watering with 20-20-20 NPK + micronutrients @...
  13. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Veronica Kramer

    My Paph. Veronica Kramer [(venustum x callosum) x wardii] with a long lasting flower. I bought it as seedling size plant 3 years ago. Cute, isn't it?
  14. SlipperMatt

    Paph. bellatulum

    I like it. I bought it from Vietnam. Reliable bloomer.
  15. SlipperMatt

    Paph. Delrosi

    Two spikes with two flowers on each. Not the best colors, not the best shape, but it's flowering every two years for me.
  16. SlipperMatt


    Really good colors and form as well! Congratulations!
  17. SlipperMatt

    Compact Multi

    Nice one! Regarding my experience polyanthas could flowering in every two or three years. So this is usual.
  18. SlipperMatt

    Paphiopedilum barbigerum in situ

    I strongly believe, these are not pure barbigerums. Look at the leaf structure. Shorter and wider leaves, than barbigerum have. More fat flower, green sepal center, shorter and more stretched petals. More likely natural hybrid between barbigerum and helenae in my opinion.
  19. SlipperMatt

    henryanum fma. christae

    How ugly One... I'm just kidding: It's stunning for sure my friend.
  20. SlipperMatt

    Paph. rothschildianum

    Really amazing! That's why I like the polyanthas so much. Even late flower on same spike, even bigger and stronger under good circumstances. Fantastic selection. Tell me if you want to divide it!