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  1. sunset

    Paphiopedilum Michael Koopowitz

    fantastic 👏
  2. sunset

    Phal equestris var coerulea

    nice flowers and photo :)
  3. sunset

    Phalaenopsis Mituo Sun Queen "63 2"

    From ORCHIBIAS, Germany, Taiwan import
  4. sunset

    Phalaenopsis Mituo Sun Queen "63 2"

    First blooming for this clone. Easy to grow. With time and light, the flowers go more and more towards the orange color which is very pleasant :)
  5. sunset

    Paphiopedilum lowii

    excellent :)
  6. sunset

    Wentworthianum ( finally)

    very nice :)
  7. sunset

    Delenatii var. album

    excellent 👌
  8. sunset

    Paphiopedilum Shirley Amundson

    nice flower, nice colours and shape :)
  9. sunset

    Delenatii vinicolor

    delanatii dark colours as i like :)
  10. sunset

    Paph. Saint Swithin “莊苑”

    strong paph, beautiful flowers i love it
  11. sunset

    Paph. stonei

    excellent :)
  12. sunset

    Paph rothschildianum

    it looks very 👍
  13. sunset

    Paph Hilo Black Eagle 'Dolly Dagger' AM/AOS

    impeccable 👌
  14. sunset

    Phal. Yang Yang Gigan Cherry 🍒

    i love the flower :)
  15. sunset

    Paph Hilo Black Eagle

  16. sunset

    MM x Tarantula 1st flowering

    beautiful thanks for sharing :)
  17. sunset

    First Bloom del dunkel

    good shape and colours :)
  18. sunset

    Jason Fischer 4n update

    Beautiful. is it then right flower (fat shape) 4N ?