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  1. GuRu

    Paph callosum flame type

    Rick, the colouration of this flower is deep and extravagant (almost too deep) .... its shape is very full (??) ..... I prefer the more open flowers like I can see in your 'normal' callosum or in the second plant of Rich.
  2. GuRu


    Istvan, why simple dayanum ? ...... why hide your light under a bushel ? ..... because it's a really lovely P. dayanum. 👍
  3. GuRu


    Merry x-mas to you, too ..... to flower this special species is like christmas and easter at the same time. Congrats and well done ! 👌
  4. GuRu

    Cattleya trianae coerulea flamea ‘Blue Flames’

    Leslie, I won't argue about the state of the plant ...coerulea or no .... I just want to praise the beauty of the flower, she's just wonderful. 👌
  5. GuRu


    Very dark ones .... the flowers and the pics. ;)
  6. GuRu

    Paph papuanum "alboviride" (*)

    Jens, sorry but I must correct you ....Paph. papuanum fma. leslieanum
  7. GuRu

    Laeila pururata werckhauseri

    Lovely and great to see it 👍 ..... but why do you name your purpuratas sometimes Cattleya and sometimes Laelia ?
  8. GuRu

    Kolo in low bud

    Good luck, Istvan.
  9. GuRu

    Some schillerianas

    I'm a great fan of C. schiileriana .... so to see all your lovely flowers is a feast for the eyes for me and made my day. 👌 As others already mentioned .... #1 is the best also in my eyes. Hopefully my C. schilleriana will flower this year for the very first time on the new sprout she is about...
  10. GuRu

    Cattleya purpurata

    Always great to see these lovely flowers. 👍
  11. GuRu

    Paph stonei

    Love it, Rick .... and 4 flowers is excellent.... So far I couldn't convince my P. stonei to produce more than 2 flowers at one spike. No chance ! ;)
  12. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum delenatii v. vinicolor double header

    These flowers are really good the plant was a freebie .... not the worst deal.
  13. GuRu

    Paphiopedilum niveum

    3 pretty flowers at the same....this is pretty good, Silvain. 👍
  14. GuRu


    Gorgeous flowers .... very impressive ones. 👍
  15. GuRu

    Paph papuanum "alboviride" (*)

    Dirk, that's what I've expected and I, if I was you, would act the same way.
  16. GuRu

    C. percivaliana ‘Summit’ FCC/AOS Division if Original, Waldor LG.

    This is another beauty ! 👌
  17. GuRu

    C. trianaei ‘Cashen’s’ Original Division

    Great flowers Deborah, very impressive one. 👌
  18. GuRu

    Last three purpuratas.

    All three carry flower to fall in love with ..... every single one is a feast for the eyes, at least in my eyes. 👌
  19. GuRu

    Paph papuanum "alboviride" (*)

    Leslie, but you will need a plant for a holotypus (in a herbarium). Where will you take it from, from a hobbyist like Dirk?
  20. GuRu

    Paph. armeniacum - finally a successful flowering

    ..... and for such a well grown plant. 👍