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  1. Heather

    Piping Rock new owner

    Anything ever come of this?
  2. Heather

    Wanted Cal West Tropical Supply = Flori Culture?

    Update. I met Jonathan at the show recently and they are opening a new location in Fair Oaks. Bought a nice Hoya from him. Excited to get to know them more. Thanks for the heads up on Greenhouse Megastore…didn’t realize you were local, Spujr!
  3. Heather

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    Timely… I may, if I have some time soon, try to start a thread in the vendor area so we have a sort of master list of closings…I’ll need help tho as I’ve been out of the loop for a while.
  4. Heather

    More fun than staking - acmodontum

    This is my preference, but recently, after not staking my huge white noid phal I just rebloomed, it was so too heavy I had to end up cutting the spike early. Not that I care about noid phals or anything….😂 It was a good learning experience.
  5. Heather

    Normans Orchids / Order

    Apparently they’ve not changed their ways…! 😂
  6. Heather

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    What happened with Orchid Inn, did Sam just decide to retire? I ordered recently and there were some minor issues, but I had no idea at the time…
  7. Heather

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    Cool, let me know if you are interested in selling them…. Thanks!
  8. Heather

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    Thanks guys. I’ll check in with Marilyn and see what she has. Rob, I may be in touch…bigger is better than smaller most likely.
  9. Heather

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    Okay, I’ve hunted around the forum, I’ve asked some people, I’ve been all over the internet, and I’m still getting nowhere…wtf is going on with besseae availability? Back when I was last growing, the OZ batch was out and they were dime a dozen… Did any of those get crossed back to some of the...
  10. Heather

    My Mexipedium Forest

    Thanks for the tip, Ray, just ordered. I got a couple plants from Orchid Inn lately that could use some extra care, though one growth I noticed spiking today. :)
  11. Heather

    Changes in the US Garden Nursery industry

    It’s weird trying to get back into growing now…so many people have retired or passed on…
  12. Heather

    I am back!

    Hi!! Welcome back! I recently returned to ST and growing myself after a break. Best of luck on your new venture!
  13. Heather

    Wrinkly bess Leaves?

    Hey all… I just got a Hanne Popow x dalessandroi and it’s got some wrinkles on the newest growth. What’s going on here and should I be concerned? I can only think of water but I am newly back to besseae and I don’t know the new breeding or issues! Need a tutorial NYEric!
  14. Heather

    Rock Wool + LECA

    Thanks for all this. I’m interested in more growdan info as the two Phrags I have in it seem happy. We have some LECA type stuff at work. I’ll snap a pic today. I’ve always looked down my nose at it as I have high Prime Agra standards but now I’m curious to know more about it.
  15. Heather

    Mexi in sheath at least

    Thanks, beautiful plant!
  16. Heather

    Mexi in sheath at least

    Ah! I used to leave mine outside in pretty cold temps here in Sacramento. Nice looking plant! Need another one of these but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
  17. Heather

    Wanted Habenaria medusa and radiata corms.

    Alright, thanks, Rob, Windswept was out of Medusa for the year but referred me to these folks for radiata which apparently is now not Habenaria.
  18. Heather

    Phrag Hanne Popow flavum x manzurii

    Hey, it’s not blurry! You’ve improved since I’ve been gone, Eric….
  19. Heather

    Wanted Habenaria medusa and radiata corms.

    Thanks, been out of the purchasing world lately so looking for someone more reliable than eBay if possible. ;)