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  1. littlefrog

    Am I sailing on dangerous waters?

    Drains rapidly and holds moisture. Not dries out... :) Honestly I think that is the entire trick. Doesn't matter how you get there - there are lots of different components out there. I've grown slippers in everything, including semi-hydro, straight chunky peat (very hard to find) and peat...
  2. littlefrog

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    He is retiring. I think he will sell plants until he sells the property. If anyone is interested in a nice house with a nice greenhouse I can hook you up...
  3. littlefrog

    Wanted Good Phrag. besseae

    I have a lot of Orchid Inn's plants and in theory all of the flasks still in the lab. Didn't have room to take all the plants though. A few besseae... :) I have been buying a lot of Chuck's flask and growing them out, so if you want bigger plants I might have them. I mostly buy small...
  4. littlefrog

    Awards from the Strongsville Show

    I can certainly see the possibility of one of the big wholesalers cloning something good without ever showing it... Why pay the AOS for an award? It won't help sell the plants that much more quickly. Then it is just a matter of selling a few hundred or a few thousand and waiting for the...
  5. littlefrog

    Phrag. Professor Braem?

    There is some debate about whether the 'classic' Sedenii is actually longifolium x schlimii. It probably isn't, because when you remake the cross today you get something pretty different. Evidently. I've never grown the new ones.
  6. littlefrog

    How to store viable capsules?

    If you want to do green pod you pretty much have to do it when you harvest. Otherwise wait until they split, cut the pod onto a piece of white paper, and bring it somewhere dryish (not in your growing area) to fully dry (a day or two), then package up the seed. Clean it up as much as you can...
  7. littlefrog

    The right care for Phragmipedium kovachii?

    I grow them like besseae and try (but not always succeed) to give them more oyster shell. Sounds like you are doing about what I would do. In my experience they are hard to get out of flask, hard to grow as seedlings, and most take somewhere near 'forever' to get to blooming size. There are...
  8. littlefrog

    Paph Lady Isobel

    I've seen some fairly dark ones.
  9. littlefrog

    Paph Lady Isobel

    I'd call it consistent with Lady Isobel. Or at least the ones I've bloomed, all of which are really old as well (from Taylor Orchids, who is also out of business). Maybe roth x platyphyllum? Not that I'm convinced platyphyllum isn't a variety of stonei. Sam Tsui was just telling me yesterday...
  10. littlefrog

    Utricularia bisquamata 'Betty's Bay'

    Most of those semi-aquatic ones grow like weeds. If you can tell, the leaves are so small you can't see them through the moss. The only way I know mine are doing well is when the flowers come out. Which is most of the time, they bloom a lot.
  11. littlefrog

    Paph Crazy Jolly 'Big Time' x Lippewunder 'Humongous'

    I have a few of these and it is a pretty solid cross. Lots of darker reds. You may find that the red intensifies if you grow it a bit cooler. Or you may not. It works with phrags... :)
  12. littlefrog

    Wanted Habenaria medusa and radiata corms.

    Windswept in Time maybe? Edgar is growing a lot of habenarias. Windswept in Time Orchids
  13. littlefrog

    Wanted Looking for Phrag Phragmipedium klotzschianum for sale or trade

    I don't think I have any left, that was a long time ago. Got my flask from Fox Valley too.
  14. littlefrog

    Brachypetalum paphs

    Might just be time of the year, I don't have a lot blooming right now.
  15. littlefrog

    Dimorphorchis lowii, D. rossii, other 3 species

    I had a couple large dimorphorchis that I think I left outside this winter. Took them to shows and nobody wanted to purchase them. They were old plants, just too big. Even bloomed one.
  16. littlefrog

    Paph Dr. Toot - finally found this plant

    Pretty sure Dr toot was rand's dog
  17. littlefrog

    Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin

    Did you get that one in Columbus? Nice blooming on a relatively small plant. :)
  18. littlefrog

    Paph Dr. Toot - finally found this plant

    I remember Dr. Toot from when it first came out. Haven't thought about that for years. :) Neat.
  19. littlefrog

    No ID hybrid

    Whatever it is it is pretty cute.
  20. littlefrog

    Multifloral hybrid - would you rather have seedlings of a remake or seedlings of a sib cross?

    I think sib crosses are under-utilized (I don't make a zillion crosses but I like to do sib crosses more than most people). That said, the new primary Michael Koopowitz are pretty darned amazing. I sold 6 or so of Orchid Inn's latest at the show this weekend and they were all an improvement...