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  1. Ozpaph

    Cattleya aurantiaca Orange

    nice concolour
  2. Ozpaph

    Mislabeled Cattleya Mareeba Tiger

    don think it MT. ? Landate
  3. Ozpaph

    Cattleya intermedia flamea "Sander"

    really nice
  4. Ozpaph

    Paph Petula's Enchantment

    you can see the texture. Lovely form and colour.
  5. Ozpaph

    Cattleya Bob Betts 'White Wings' AM/AOC, FCC/RHS

    Now, John Huges is one of the best cattleya growers in Australia - the awardee COULD be related to him. You could contact him and ask for information. He just might know.
  6. Ozpaph

    Cattleya Bob Betts 'White Wings' AM/AOC, FCC/RHS
  7. Ozpaph

    Cattleya Bob Betts 'White Wings' AM/AOC, FCC/RHS

    Award no: 0121 Genus: Cattleya Plant name: C. Bob Betts 'White Wings' Owner: Hughes W. Show all awards this owner Award: AM/AOC 1973 (NSW) Points: 81.00 Date: 16.Oct.1973 Event: Description: 1 flower all over white throat yellow-orange 23A Parentage: (C. Bow Bells x C...
  8. Ozpaph

    Root rot party

    sound trite, but water less.
  9. Ozpaph

    Fertilizer for multi floral paphs

    work out 100ppm Nitrogen per week (excluding urea). Thats what they need (+ the Ca/Mg etc)
  10. Ozpaph

    BLC.Burderkin Wonder and C.Lueddemanniana tipo blooming

    BW is magic. I vote for virus with the luedd.........burn it.
  11. Ozpaph

    Thelymitra 'Cinderella'

    Gorgeous and superbly photgraphed!
  12. Ozpaph

    Cattleya trianae concolor ‘Orion’

    thats really good. Lovely colour.
  13. Ozpaph

    Paph. Moquetteanum x Anitum

    If it produces 5 flowers that would be awardable. Stake it properly (upright).
  14. Ozpaph

    Paph. (Alchemy ‘Titanic’ x Sorcerer’s Stone ‘Enchanted Orb’

    id flower that again on a stronger plant
  15. Ozpaph

    Paph Lebaudyanums and a Berenice

    quite different
  16. Ozpaph

    Paph. callosum var. potentianum

    very pretty flower
  17. Ozpaph

    My paphs are spiteful...

    good luck.
  18. Ozpaph

    Paph. Hung Sheng Thaianum

    are there spots on the back of the petals?
  19. Ozpaph


    a bit sad. Might be better next time.