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  1. musa

    Paph. Rolfei first bloom - was expecting black

  2. musa

    Paphiopedilum Vietnamense - First Bloom

    Well done!
  3. musa

    Papilio-laoticus in bloom

    Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing.
  4. musa

    paph. philippinense var. roebelenii

    What a marvelous plant! Good job! that would be ideal for my space resources... a real Pocket Paph...
  5. musa

    Best way to store pollen?

    Thanks, Dave!
  6. musa

    Papilio-laoticus bud forming

    .....still waiting.....
  7. musa

    Paph. Lady Isobel

    What a Beauty!
  8. musa

    Best way to store pollen?

    Paph Paradise, is it possible to harvest the pollen too early, or is it viable from the first day on?
  9. musa

    Best way to store pollen?

    I use small test tubes for storing the pollen in the refrigerator. As they are air tight it is important to store not the whole polinarium, but only the pollinium, that is the pure pollen without the attached organs. These tend to rot and would destroy the pollen. That works for several month...
  10. musa

    Paphiopedilum Sanderianum

    Alain, wellcome to Slipper Talk! Glad to have you here. That is a great success you show us. That's a really beautiful sanderianum! BTW: the potting medium depends on lots of environmental conditions, which are different for each grower, so there is no wrong or right media, only one that works...
  11. musa

    A bittersweet roth

    Well, your Roth will answer to your Belcanto with Händels Ariodante: "Numi! lasciarmi vivere..." All fingers crossed for that!
  12. musa

    Paphiopedilum lowii

  13. musa

    Paphs, Phrags and other surprise orchid buds

    Love the Lady Roth x gigantifolium
  14. musa

    Paphs, Phrags and other surprise orchid buds

    Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoy sharing your treasures!!! It compensates the cancelled orchid shows...
  15. musa

    Paph. niveum ‘Ardenn’

  16. musa


    They look great! "Watered a lot" you mean the mix is permanently wet?
  17. musa

    Paph. emersonii

    Very beautiful! And many thanks for your description of your conditions and growing experiences!
  18. musa

    Interesting plant

    Wow! Looking forward to the flower!!!
  19. musa

    Testing the waters

    Wellcome from Austria!
  20. musa

    Paphiopedilum acmodontum ‘Joy Luck Club’

    By the fotos it looks more intense. Till now I thought colours always would fade in time...