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    Phrag. Ashley Wilkes

    Nice one Dot. I have one and I do enjoy it. Ray
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    roth x anitum

    Now that's a must have. Two fantastic parents and a lovely flower to show for it. Thanks for the show. Ray
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    Paph roebellini

    outstanding you did well great flower Ray
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    Aki Light

    Hi Rick, Yes it's in a raised bed but I have others that are in the ground and do well.
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    Phrag Grande 'Paige Malito' AM

    You've grown a nice speciman the color is great and you have many blooms going on good growing Ray
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    Aki Light

    HI Rick Yes it's mine it's the second blooming I may move it though and see if it will add on more growths.I did that to one of my others and it went from one to four growths in a year. Ray
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    Aki Light

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    Phrag. Ashley Wilkes

    Very nice I have one and enjoyed the blooms very much. Ray
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    My sanderianum x gigantifolium from Pete

    I know how terrible you must feel but I broke a bud on a Michael Koopowitz once and shortly after I had four new growths An older gentleman in our society breaks off all first blooms to give the strength to the plant a hard thing to do but it works Ray
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    Phrag Jason Fischer

    NIce looking flower good job
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    Phrag. Coffee Break 'Reachout ' x St Ouen ' Canary's Flight'

    HI Dot, I can't answer your question just put down what was on the Tag. I'm pretty sure this came from the Orchid Zone. I just checked and I have my spelling wrong it should be St Quen maybe that explains it. Ray
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    Phrag.Andean Fire x Sorcer's Appprentice

    Hi Dot, I agree with you and plan to do the same. They are so close together It's very unique I think. Maybe someone doing the potting did it on purpose to get a laugh. Ray
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    Phrag.Andean Fire x Sorcer's Appprentice

    These two different flowers are comming from the same base on the plant
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    Phrag. Grande Maurice Powers

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    Paph. Prince Edward Of York

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    Paph. Yellow Tiger x philippinense

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    Paph Black Diamond album

    That's truly a great looking plant
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    Paph, Angel Hair x philippinense

    I did post this before but it was a different fan .I don't remember who I got it from. I should get in the habit of noting who I recieved a plant from. Ray
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    Paph. haynaldianum x philippinense