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    Vanda and Slipper Orchids Symposium

    Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Darlene. We were all delighted with this year's event and were thrilled to meet so many first-timers who came from near and far to attend. As you point out, Florida can be a challenge for Phrag lovers but many Florida orchid growers do grow them very well...
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    Orchid Zone amazing seller.

    This is my experience as well. I heartily agree with everything Ken has said here. John has always been wonderful to work with and every plant, flask and compot I have received from John have all been first class.
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    Looking for Phrag. Waunakee Wonder 'High Point', HCC/AOS

    Anyone have this Chuck Acker creation, or know someone (other than Chuck) who might?
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    Increased the collect from ASOS

    Those lights didn't need batteries - they were powered by mosquitos! The lady sitting next to me is Karen Muir, with Orchid Digest. Karen is the primary organizer of the Paphiopedilum Guild held each January, with the upcoming (2017) meeting in Santa Barbara; next year (2018) in Hilo.
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    new additions from slipper symposium

    I think we had just about the best selection of vendors and plants ever put together in the history of the International Slipper Orchid Symposium. I was very happy to meet so many Slippertalkers and hope to see even more next year.
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    Paph roth "Scott Ware" FCC/AOS

    This cultivar was awarded in Orlando at the Central Florida Orchid Society show in April 2015. It has a sister seedling, Paph. rothschildianum 'Krull's Asheville', AM/AOS that was awarded at the Western North Carolina Orchid Society show in March 2014. This cross was made by Frank...
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    Paph. lowii ?

    Several years ago Ray Rands brought in some plants from Borneo that were labeled as Paph. lowii and designated as var. 'white dorsal'. This flower is exactly what those looked like.
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    Masdevallia caesia

    Different conditions seem to trigger different levels of "fragrance", ranging anywhere from patchouli to rotting corpse. It's not as pervasive as some bulbos, but get close enough and it becomes obvious.
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    Masdevallia caesia

    Love this species with its pendant glaucous leathery foliage, The juxtaposition of these two plants - one of nature's most beautifully fragrant orchid species right next to one of its nastiest - is amusing.
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    Paphiopedilum Dong Thi Luan

    Tom, I think you already cracked the code on that one. The two Paph. Delrosi you sent me in May of 2013 are blooming fools. I hope you kept some.
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    Identification needed!

    Everything Dot said x10. This weed has the tap root from hell.
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    New acquisition flask Bellatulum x ichiro suzuki x bellatulum

    It's remarkable how often plants grown directly from flask in ideal conditions will grow and mature faster than those acquired by almost any other means. It has been my experience that it is really important to do everything possible to keep up that momentum because if any adverse conditions...
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    New acquisition flask Bellatulum x ichiro suzuki x bellatulum

    I'm glad you like it. I think you have a really good cross there. This is either the second or third flowering for this plant. They started flowering relatively soon - about 3 years out of flask with several stragglers still unflowered almost 6 years later. This is probably due to the...
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    New acquisition flask Bellatulum x ichiro suzuki x bellatulum

    Paph. (Ichiro Suzuki 'Red Pepper' x bellatulum 'New Red Moon') Thought you might like to see an example of a flower from the same grex as the pollen parent. I got this flask from Sam at the 2010 International Slipper Orchid Symposium. This one is very typical of the others that flowered from...
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    Jewell orchid vendor

    I purchased about 20 plants from them in September of 2009 and it was a 100% positive experience. At the time, their offering focus was coerulea type cattleya hybrids and species. They may have branched out more recently. Shipping costs were very reasonable and every plant they shipped was in...
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    Paph. Xiuya Flying Swallow

    That dorsal is spectacular! I visited Mr. Tsai's nursery and it was absolutely unbelievable. He must be one of the very best paphiopedilum growers in the world.
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    Paph. Xiuya Flying Swallow

    Paphiopedilum Saint Low (Saint Swithin x lowii) x rothschildianum
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    Paph. Xiuya Flying Swallow

    Chien I'm really glad you posted this because I have been looking for some quality seedlings of this cross for quite some time. It's really one of the most exciting multiflorals I've ever seen and your photo has reminded me that I need to keep looking. I hope this won't be seen as a thread...
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    Abbreviation on the Tags

    I just set out a bunch of flasks from Ching Hua and all the crosses had the "PA" prefix.
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    Most fragrant orchids for NYEric to buy

    A few "most fragrant orchids for NYEric?" I'm surprised nobody has suggested any of the following: Satyrium pumilum Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis Platanthera yosemitensis Bulbophyllum echinolabium Bulbophyllum carunculatum