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  1. Mocchaccino

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

    Wow. I can't believe this post deserves an anniversary. Thanks for all the compliments. The venustum I purchased did not state its cross. I purchased it long ago from a vendor. I did split and place a division at a local store to sell it. But after the split, the original went weak so I am...
  2. Mocchaccino

    Paph. anitum

    Extraordinary color! Eggshells, could you please check your messagebox, I have one for you :rollhappy:
  3. Mocchaccino

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

    Thanks guys :)
  4. Mocchaccino

    Paphiopedilum lowii

    What a fine specimen you have. You should make a self cross for it. Very horizontal petals and not to mention its excellent colors.
  5. Mocchaccino

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

    Thank you all :)
  6. Mocchaccino

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

    Thanks everyone. Among all i am thrilled with my albescent Mount Toro. I was going to have a bit more multis to bloom like Yang-Ji Apple, Saint Low. But malfunction of electricity had created disastrous heat stress. I lost quite a number of flower buds, those of which took more than a year to...
  7. Mocchaccino

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

    Thanks for yr compliment I can tell stories on those. Indeed all of them have a story behind their excellence . shall we begiin by one by one lol
  8. Mocchaccino

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

  9. Mocchaccino

    2018 Slipper Orchids (Jan to Apr)

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  10. Mocchaccino

    Your experience with Paphiopedilum emersonii and/or it's hybrids?

    I found hangianum and emersonii enjoying a bit more moisture. They tend very much to bud blast. They form their buds and sit for a very long time, like 6 months until they actually continue to spike. So there is a much higher chance for the buds to experience unfavourable conditions and blast off.
  11. Mocchaccino

    Another gratrixianum

    beautiful photos and nice compact plant
  12. Mocchaccino

    Paph Shin-Yi Williams

    Yes, it's my bad. I was just lazy to start a new one. Sorry for that :poke: I shall delete if possible
  13. Mocchaccino

    Paph Shin-Yi Williams

    Thanks to an extremely prolonged cold weather, the red intensities are generally better this year. The specimen has a little set-back. Blooming with only 2 flowers is a little below standard. I m hoping a better performace, flower size at least, in the coming next flowering season. Ever since...
  14. Mocchaccino

    Nature hybrid species

    I am with you
  15. Mocchaccino

    Paph. dianthum alba

    Excellent photo quality and exceptional specimen quality. May I know if it comes from Sam's?