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  1. Russ1992

    Help with choosing artificial lighting

    Oh man that's gnarly. Hope you weren't electrocuted too bad. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if the high light intensity can be mitigated with a dimmer though?
  2. Russ1992

    Rock Wool + LECA

    First off I would only experiment on a few plants whenever changing your culture unless you have multiples of the same kind or you are willing to potentially have them sacrificed to the orchid gods above. Secondly, Rockwool holds more water than Sphagnum moss as does Perlite in comparison to...
  3. Russ1992

    There are currently blooming...

    HorstP where perchance did you purchase the virens?
  4. Russ1992

    Hello from Jersey City!

    I'm about to create my setup with two IKEA Milsbo tall cabinets. I would just make sure you have a few fans in there at the least and measure your fcs or PAR to see where your light levels are with the Paphs. Some people will say you should give 300-800 fcs and others like the master Brandon...
  5. Russ1992

    What's Everyone's Experience with Paphiopedilum vietnamense?

    Very interested in @Ray 'S take on this regarding dropping the fertilizer when In Bloom (Nirvana ref).
  6. Russ1992

    What's Everyone's Experience with Paphiopedilum vietnamense?

    Here is the Baker culture care sheet for Paphiopedilum vietnamese
  7. Russ1992

    Base of Paph has creeping brown growth

    Hey all Paph fanatics. I have an issue with this Paph tonsum var album I purchased from Sam Tsui. The plant came to me seemingly strong but I now see a very ugly brown rot of some sort at the base of one of the newer leaves. I think it may be Erwinia but I'm not sure. Regardless I'd love to...
  8. Russ1992

    Sophronitis coccinea culture help!

    This is really helpful will definitely try increasing the moisture! I only hesitate because often times I deal with fungal issues in my Phal and Paph pots. I don't have any fans and having the windows open all the time isn't the best because the air is polluted somewhat.
  9. Russ1992

    New roots drying out

    Unfortunately that looks like Rhizoctonia. Hopefully you were able to save the plant.
  10. Russ1992

    Sophronitis coccinea culture help!

    Yes received them a month ago from Ecuagenera. They came bare rooted and the roots were say 3-5 about 2in long. 2mm wide.
  11. Russ1992

    Sophronitis coccinea culture help!

    Everyone thank you for your help!! It's very cold in my place so max temp right now during winter is 65. Today for example is 58. Light is around 900 fcs. I suspected humidity is too low so will try the baggy technique. I'm just concern about disease issues (fingers crossed)
  12. Russ1992

    Cattleya root growth and mesh pots

    In many pots I see this being the case but the recycle sign can be very inconspicuous being a half a centimeter on the inside of a rim, ect.
  13. Russ1992

    Sophronitis coccinea culture help!

    Hello my fellow orchid enthusiasts. I am trying to grow 2 plants of Sophronitis coccinea 'xanthoglossa.' I have had them for about 4 weeks. Currently, the leaves are turning paler and look very dehydrated, though they are growing larger. Psuedobulbs look plump and healthy. Temp max: 65 F Temp...
  14. Russ1992

    Oil and Acrylic Paintings of my Slippers

    Phenomenal in every way
  15. Russ1992

    Opinions on Nutricote?

    Unfortunately I have never found it any smaller myself.
  16. Russ1992

    Opinions on Nutricote?

    Yes thinning the herd makes all the sense in the world. Quality over quantity.
  17. Russ1992

    Phrag Don Wimber

    D'oh! (Facepalm)
  18. Russ1992

    Opinions on Nutricote?

    Yes from my experience this is true. I have burned plants in the past using Physan. The EFG nursery owner told me the same thing which is why he prefers Zerotol. Plus Physan states it will cause blindness if it gets in the eyes. I told this to Norman Fang at his response was, "Oh...
  19. Russ1992

    what's this ****?

    Have you tried other fungicides for Rhizoctonia like: Cleary 3336 Thiomyl Zyban It doesn’t look like Rizolex is approved for orchids/ornamentals
  20. Russ1992

    Phrag Don Wimber

    What was the name of the fungicide that worked?