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    Redlands Pre order info sharing

    at one point the redlands managers had links on the vendor lists but i suppose they stopped because they mostly didn't work Afri Orchis (Lourens) has his list up on his site. Krull smith is there and looks like they offer pickup @DrLeslieEe do you by any chance have good contact info for...
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    Paph. concolor did well this year

    of course when this cropped up, i flipped to the original post. and smiled when i saw the reference to Great Lakes Orchids. When i started collecting in the 80's, anytime i travelled i'd look for orchid growers to visit. We have family in Ann Arbor, and visited them in 87. bought a few...
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    Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum

    In charm And. Dunno why I assumed because it was in tamiami that it would also be on Redlands. Nothing to say but sorry for the miss statement. I reached out for a copy of the Redlands list to see if they still had it available.
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    Paphiopedilum rungsuriyanum

    they have shown up on pre order lists for tamiami and redlands
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    Paph haynaldianum 'Rick's Best' AM/AOS

    Your plant looks awesome to my eyes…. Congrats on the award! And the grex really looks to be nice. We had one at the Midatlantic judging center this past weekend. Also awarded in the high 80’s. The flower I measured for the award sheet was 18.3 cm NS. The judging team measured a smaller...
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    roth x (James Bacon× Tokyo Black Night)

    Yes. Same grex. And first bloom
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    roth x (James Bacon× Tokyo Black Night)

    Merely adding in here for another example…. This one just opened behind a bunch of other stuff
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    Nichole tower x lindenii

    Holy crap @tomkalina , I just giggle with glee every time I look at this…. Color is unfreakin believe able.
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    Paph bellatulum

    From Sam…. Almost 8.5 cm NS
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    Almost thaianum time!

    are the tinkering details top secret?... ;-)
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    roth x (James Bacon× Tokyo Black Night)

    yes... just not a lot left
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    Wanted Looking for Phrag Phragmipedium klotzschianum for sale or trade

    Got mine from Bill Goldner. See if he has a division he’d sell you
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    Nichole tower x lindenii

    From @tomkali…. Happy surprise under my lights . Thanx Tom!! :-)
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    roth x (James Bacon× Tokyo Black Night)

    they just take a while. mine just started blooming this year and i think i got them from Sam back in '19 or best case '20 just before the pandemic lockdown (i remember because he had just gotten back from a japan trip, and i flew out to see him, and went on a cruise the following weekend -...
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    Paphiopedilum jackii albums ‘JF and Jaqueline’

    careful... those nuts don't grow back
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    National Capital Orchid Show Feb 17-19

    hahahahahah we just saw that in judging yesterday. for the Deepcut show, the person with the label maker created a 'Phrag rothschildianum' label we caught before it made onto a plant. he labeled a 'Richard Takafugi' as roth. conflated a phrag cross name into a clonal name on a...
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    Paph Season 2023

    nice of you to invest a piece of wire on that ;-)
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    Some seedling progress

    nice roots!
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    Couple of venustums

    i was thinking yesterday that with these two and a nice measurianum i got from Alexj, i think i'm done chasing venustum... but that's likely a pipe dream ;-)
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    Paph. rothschildianum

    Since you are so grateful :-) just for you!...