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  1. PeteM

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    I believe less than a month but longer than I expected. I’ll time the next one. I also followed up with Chuck on the parentage, he mentioned these were the first two to bloom of his collection that he used for breeding.. so maybe this trait influences the progeny to bloom on smaller sized...
  2. PeteM

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    Possible, temps have been pretty consistent with the other kovachii openings, still on the chillier side of grow rooms annual temp flux. It probably has more to do with its first bloom out of the gate. I’ve noticed the petals are not as round as other clones, will be interesting to see if any of...
  3. PeteM

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    Th plant maybe 9+ years old but I’ve been growing it so poorly over the years, as a result the leaf size does not match the plants age. Yes, one of the seedlings didn’t make it this long.. the other seedling from this original group of 3 is about the same size and will probably try to bloom...
  4. PeteM

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    I’ve got the details on my specific culture here: Post in thread 'Phrag. kovachii ‘Laura’' Phrag. kovachii ‘Laura’
  5. PeteM

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    I believe our society (NCOS) is setting up a display and I’ll offer it up for the trip at Mondays meeting.
  6. PeteM

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1) This is a first bloom seedling from a Chuck Acker sourced flask. I acquired these seedlings back in 2014, 2 of the 3 survived and this is the first to bloom. A bit of a color break but not a bad showing for it's first bloom. Just cracked...
  7. PeteM

    Taming Bifoliate Cattleya

    I use these as well for all of my cattleyas, including the bifoliates. The only way I can keep things tidy and generate more space under the grow lights.
  8. PeteM

    Cattleya Amethystoglossa Aurea

    I’ve picked one of these up this past week from here. Not sure if it’s the right type of Aurea, seems to be more yellow than what you are describing. Do you happen to have a link to a picture with the trait you are describing?
  9. PeteM

    Rock Wool + LECA

    If one was to purchase clay balls today, which brand do you recommend?
  10. PeteM

    Hello from Florida!

    Hi Maria! Back in 2021 I bloomed my first mossiae, and was upset that the dorsal flopped back down on the seedling. Other members on ST encouraged me to seek out one with better form.. so I did, thanks for the C. mossiae semi alba 'Clara' a few years back! :) I have not bloomed her yet, but...
  11. PeteM

    Brown sunken areas on Paph leaves

    What do the roots look like? Does the media need refreshing or maybe it’s not liking the current conditions. I’ve found issues that start at the tip of the leaf like this usually signal issues with the roots not being happy.
  12. PeteM

    For Sale Paph Pink Sky (Paph. Lady Isobel × Paph. delenatii)

    Yes. When I looked it up on a thread, you mentioned you might be interested in a division.. obviously another clone but wanted to give you the chance. I’ll take this lotto ticket.
  13. PeteM

    For Sale Paph Pink Sky (Paph. Lady Isobel × Paph. delenatii)

    Ok, I’ll take it. SOLD! I can send you a PM
  14. PeteM

    Cattleya wittigiana - small wins

    Baby.. definitely the baby.
  15. PeteM

    Growing Cyps since 1957

    Welcome Clark! Happy to have your life long institutional knowledge and experience here. There are skilled growers across many genera on this forum, looking forward to your posts.
  16. PeteM

    National Capital Orchid Show Feb 17-19

    Thanks for sharing, I took off Wednesday to help setup / arrange all the structures and tables. Glad to see these spaces filled with tropical beauties. Hope to be able to swing by today.. no child care today or all weekend.. so 5yr old willing🤞.
  17. PeteM

    Cattleya schroederae 'popayan' x self

    I know. It just opened up and I didn’t think it would make it. Plus I had no clue what it would look like.
  18. PeteM

    Cattleya schroederae 'popayan' x self

    I purchased this plant from the Orchid Trail in March of 2020 as an unbloomed seedling. This is the second flowering lead of the season. In person these flowers petals are heavily cupped, and the tips of every part of this flower have curls for days. However, I’ve found it has a special super...