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  1. southernbelle

    Can't seem to get these to bloom. Ideas??

    Thanks, I’ll heed your advice.
  2. southernbelle

    Can't seem to get these to bloom. Ideas??

    We have two weeks of forecast hi 60-70 and low 37-54 outside. I will give it a try in shade on my porch so I can control how wet they stay. We shall see...
  3. southernbelle

    Hello from Oregon

    Hi and welcome VA. I’m with BrucherT, this forum is awesome. A wealth of knowledgeable growers willing to share.
  4. southernbelle

    Paph. (Alchemy ‘Titanic’ x Sorcerer’s Stone ‘Enchanted Orb’

    It opened, and is honestly unimpressive, especially considering the size of the bud. With its two parents, I expected more (maybe I just have no taste!). First bloom, so maybe it will improve.
  5. southernbelle

    Can't seem to get these to bloom. Ideas??

    Thanks! They were on the end of the table and I’ve moved them to the center where the light is more intense. We shall see.
  6. southernbelle

    Can't seem to get these to bloom. Ideas??

    Terry: I asked Jerry about the Michael Koopowitz as I bought it from him. Here is his reply: "I would get it off the heat map and it should start spiking by May or June. Both parents go through drier brighter period at this time of year in nature and can flower the most anywhere from April to...
  7. southernbelle

    Can't seem to get these to bloom. Ideas??

    Hmmm. I can’t get them that low with light, as the garage would be my only option. Maybe not meant to be.
  8. southernbelle

    Can't seem to get these to bloom. Ideas??

    Temps summer hi 82-84 low 70; winter hi 72 low 62 P. Prince Edward of York x bellatulum ('Golden Lion' x bellatulum 'Super Clone' [Orchid Inn 6/21] 4 very good growths + a couple of shoots P. Rene Doll (P. Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS x roth. 'Tennys' AM/AOS [division Door prize...
  9. southernbelle

    This from Jason Fischer - a gorgeous red kovachii hybrid.

    TerryRos had a post about this breeding not too long ago.
  10. southernbelle

    Red Cattleya

    Is it a smaller flower?
  11. southernbelle

    delenatii f. album

    Lot of plant for that size pot. It obviously likes it!!
  12. southernbelle

    Two Awards

    Good for you! Go for it even if you aren’t sure. Never underestimate your plants!!
  13. southernbelle

    Wanted Phalaenopsis gigantea?

    Orchids Ltd may have one. If not on their website, call or email and ask. I kniw they grow them.
  14. southernbelle

    delenatii f. album

    Gorgeous and great growing. What size is the pot?
  15. southernbelle

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    Yay, Pete!! Good for you! You seem to have the corner on kovachii seedlings?? Amazing job!
  16. southernbelle

    Culture Notes from Brandon Tam's visit to Desert Valley Orchid Society

    Wow, very interesting. I was at Huntington in the late 1970s and will never forget it. I don’t specifically remember the orchids. Was more into roses at the time. This motivates me to want to go back. All the way from VA it would be a trek, but a worthy one. Thanks for the motivation.
  17. southernbelle

    roth x (James Bacon× Tokyo Black Night)

    Darlene, I have a P. Rene Doll (Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS x roth.'Tennys' AM/AOS division. It was a door prize at the last Paph Forum before Covid, so Jan. 2020 (new division). It's very happy growing, but has not bloomed. I read that they are fussy when divided and can take 3...
  18. southernbelle

    Red Cattleya

    This is gorgeous!!
  19. southernbelle

    Paph Hilo Black Eagle 'Dolly Dagger ' AM

    I’d say that means you had one heck of a great bloom when it was awarded. If the flowers are larger than when awarded, get it judged again. Kudos!!
  20. southernbelle

    Paph Hilo Black Eagle 'Dolly Dagger ' AM

    Rick, what's better than award year. individual blossom, or number of flowers?