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  1. lori.b

    Paph haynaldianum 'Rick's Best' AM/AOS

    Very, very nice. Congratulations!
  2. lori.b

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    Thank you! There's some really useful information there. I put mine outside in a cold frame last summer (I literally live on a river, in a floating home community) and that's when it showed me I finally did something to make it happy. I think the cool nights, not so warm days and constant...
  3. lori.b

    delenatii f. album

    That's just beautiful!
  4. lori.b

    Phrag. kovachii (phrag. kovachii #2 x phrag. kovachii #1)

    Nicely done! How have you been growing it? I also have a kovachii acquired as a seedling that's been slowly chugging along but no blooms yet.
  5. lori.b

    Hung Sheng General

    Looks like the perfect combination of both parents. Really nice!
  6. lori.b

    Paphiopedilum liemianum ‘Charlie’ CCM/AOS

    Wow, that is really impressive. Canadian growers rock! Congratulations!
  7. lori.b

    Paphiopedilum hangianum 'Burnt Sugar' AM/AOS

    Congratulations! It's a beauty for sure. Can you show us a close up picture of it too? I really like the name you chose for it, very fitting.
  8. lori.b

    Slipper Orchid Grower and Professional Photographer

    Wow, beautiful photographs of beautifully grown plants. Welcome from Canada's west (wet) coast!
  9. lori.b

    Paph Dr. Toot - finally found this plant

    Beautiful flower! I love the name too :)
  10. lori.b

    Paph. villosum var. annamense (or not)

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I haven't changed the name tag but if I do it will have a question mark attached. I may try to reach out to the vendor too but he's now retired and living overseas for part of the year so it may take a while. I like the flower and the plant has been easy to grow...
  11. lori.b

    Paph. villosum var. annamense (or not)

    OMG they could be twins! Mine grows like a weed too. Thank you so much for confirming :)
  12. lori.b

    Paph. villosum var. annamense (or not)

    I bought this plant as a seedling a few years ago as Paph. villosum var. annamense. It's clearly just using that name as an alias. Last night at my orchid club's monthly show table judging one of the judges pointed out that it most likely has spicerianum in it and thinks it's probably one of the...
  13. lori.b

    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    Beautiful, one of my favourite hybrids.
  14. lori.b

    Trio of malipoense

    Very nice trio. It would be fun to see them all bloom at the same time. Mine is in bud at the moment too and so far the spike is 33 inches tall. Cousin jackii is currently blooming on an 18 inch spike.
  15. lori.b


    Wow, if that doesn't brighten up someone's day I don't know what will!
  16. lori.b

    Paph. helenae

    Wow, good job getting it to bloom so quickly. That's a lovely flower.
  17. lori.b

    Paph Wossner Ministar

    OMG that's absolutely adorable!
  18. lori.b

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    Beautiful flower and the plant looks really well grown. Congrats! I wish mine hadn't decided to take the year off from blooming this year, lol.
  19. lori.b

    Paphiopedilum Mint Chocolate 'Chip' AM/AOS

    Thanks again everyone for the positive feedback. I'm just waiting for the second bud to open and will post again when it has all three flowers in bloom.
  20. lori.b

    Paph purpuratum

    Love it! The dimple just makes it even more unique :)