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  1. Tony

    Sold FREE Sander's Parish and dianthum

    These plants hate life here, I've had them four years and it has been nothing but struggle and setback. If you have a knack for parishii/dianthum and want to try your hand at rehabbing them they are yours for the cost of shipping. They will ship bareroot (if they have roots) to minimize the...
  2. Tony

    Paph Season 2023

    I have limited space and lofty goals, anything that isn't award/breeding worthy has to move on.
  3. Tony

    Paph Season 2023

    5cm edge to edge, I don't have a flex tape handy to measure along the curve.
  4. Tony

    Paphiopedilum delenatii with 3 flowers on one inflorescence

    Two flowers are somewhat common, this is the first time I've seen three. Improving on the norm would not disqualify them, judging is all about rewarding improvements in size, color, and floriferousness.
  5. Tony

    Paphiopedilum sukhakulii

    It looks callosum/lawrenceanum influenced to me. Could be crossed to one of them or one of the thousands of maudiae type hybrids. The narrow, curved petals with sparse spotting and pink tips are wrong for the species as is the big colorful dorsal sepal. The staminode looks a bit off as well.
  6. Tony

    Paph Season 2023

    It has a lot of good qualities with the broad dorsal and petals and great color but the kink in the petals really just ruins the presentation. I'll probably bloom it again to see if it straightens out but the second flower having the same trait makes me think it will persist.
  7. Tony

    Paphiopedilum sukhakulii

    I think you're right about that.
  8. Tony

    Paph Season 2023

    The petals have freed themselves and they're looking to have the same dip in them. It will be a bummer if that is a persistent trait because it's a nice flower otherwise.
  9. Tony

    Orchids 2023

    P. primulinum is another one, a big batch of Pinocchio flasks was sold as primulinum 20+ years ago and now all the big, impressive line bred prims are likely hybrids.
  10. Tony

    On aging

    Our local society recently picked up and auctioned the collection of a former member who was unable to care for her plants anymore due to age and poor health. They had been neglected for a couple of years before someone got in contact with the society but plenty of plants were still salvageable...
  11. Tony

    Paph Season 2023

    Some glamor shots courtesy of my fiancée Shannon, amazing what she can do with an iPhone and an old black t-shirt 😂
  12. Tony

    Paph Season 2023

    I love the color and general form of this roths with one major exception, that funky dip in the petals. It looks like it is continuing in the second flower. @Justin and other roths folks is this likely to be a genetic flaw that continues in the future or is it worth reblooming?
  13. Tony

    Building a basement growing room

    The cheap led shop lights are good in racks, I use them to grow cactus seedlings so they ought to be plenty of light for any orchids. The ones in the link look like the same thing with the orchid label tax generously applied. Barrina LED Shop Light 4FT, 40W 5000LM 6500K, Clear Cover Linkable...
  14. Tony

    Paph. rothschildianum

    I pulled the award pics from OrchidPro for you, looks like a solid pairing. The form of Tiger with the color and flower count of Red Eagle would be an ideal outcome IMO. Tiger Red Eagle
  15. Tony

    Slipper Orchid Grower and Professional Photographer

    Good to see you here, I follow your page on FB.
  16. Tony

    Multifloral hybrid - would you rather have seedlings of a remake or seedlings of a sib cross?

    @Tom Reddick where did you find those flasks available? I'm running out of sources to scratch the flask itch.
  17. Tony

    Paph Dr. Toot - finally found this plant

    Orchid Zone was Terry Root, Dr. Toot was Rands.
  18. Tony

    Dimorphorchis lowii, D. rossii, other 3 species

    I had mine in baskets of LECA in my greenhouse. Light exposure was about the same as what my multis get, I didn't put them up high since they were small. My experience with them doesn't necessarily mean they're hard to grow, I just have my greenhouse fine tuned for multifloral Paphs and anything...
  19. Tony

    Dimorphorchis lowii, D. rossii, other 3 species

    I tried a couple of seedlings a few years back, one died almost immediately and the other lingered for a couple of years but eventually wasted away leaf by leaf.