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    H2O2 flasking

    So, Ray, what do you think about ammonium peroxydisulfate? Asking because I have some (and it's gangbusters for killing poison ivy).
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    Potting on

    To the main base.
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    Blooming dendrobium spectabile

    You can flower anything under lights, if you have enough lights. And space. The real question is: Is it practical to flower this under lights? That's a question only you can answer, because it depends on what space you have available.
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    Crazy leggy Paphiopedilum

    You say that they get plenty of light, but is that at the top of the plant, or down where the new growths start? That may be the cause...
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    Paphiopedilum Albion, begining the blooming season this Summer

    This is a hybrid that I really like, but have only limited success with. It grows, but slowly.
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    Moving paphs outside in summer?

    Depends on the plants. Some species like warm conditions, and definitely enjoy the great out-of-doors. I move mine out. Others like cool conditions, and don't really do well with warm nights. They stay in the basement, under lights (and an air conditioner). You just got to know your plants. If...
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    Phrag. Sedenii….Difference in Colour.

    The colors are very temperature sensitive. Flowers that develop in cool to cold conditions have much more intense color than those that develop in warm conditions. You'd think they were different flowers.
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    P.godefroyae v. ang-thong X rothschildianum

    I'm not much of a hybrid lover, that I think that's quite nice. I'd even make space for it in my limited growing area.
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    Lighting Help

    Have a look at (Or any other supplier - that just happens to be the one I last bought stuff from.) It's easy enough to build your own these days. If your enclosure is 24", get an LED strip in multiples of about 20", and use several if you need. That's pretty much what I do.
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    Cold damage

    Cut out brown, leave green. Repeat as necessary, during recovery.
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    I need a name

    I think so, also.
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    Bulb. pardalotum

    Don't know about this species, but typically, Bulbophyllum flowers don't last all that long... Perhaps a week? I know that B. nymphopolitanum and B. echinolabium last perhaps 4 days (in my conditions).
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    I grow a number of species in cool-cold winter conditions, including wardii (does better for me that way), tonsum (still seedlings) and some of the brachypetalums. A short spell of overnight lows that remain above freezing is nothing to worry about, as long as the days get warm, and the roots...
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    Where to buy supplies?

    Second that. Nice people. Pleasant to deal with.
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    Fogg-it water wand
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    mini phal no ID

    I've got a bunch of NOIDs. I'm primarily a species person, so happily relate to my NOIDs on their purty flowers.
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    Not sure if this is the right forum, but... Got a shipment from Ecuagenera today. I must say that I was really surprised by the size and quality of the plants! Mostly Zootrophions, as I seem to have a thing for the most unusual of species, but also some Draculas, and "other" genera. All but one...
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    Rescue Phal

    Plants in hotels, offices, shopping malls, etc.
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    Rescue Phal

    The rescue phals are great. I work for an interior landscaper, and before the plague, had many accounts with contracts for blooming orchids - always phals. These are tough plants. As they bloomed out, I brought them home, and as they've rebloomed, given them to my wife for the library that...