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    I love to see roots. Roots going up and down.🥰 This BR is going to a new home. Please make your new buddy happy.😊
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    Paphiopedilum philippinense roebelinii

    Congrats for making it bloom with artificial lights. My experience is that LED, full spectrum, still could not make MFs to flower it's full potential if they flower at all. The growth is also very different. Natural light is still the best even if it is filtered down low. Strap Vandas do not...
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    Paph urbanianum

    Very nice plant. I will need one of this one day for my garden. Grow it into a big clump.
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    roth x (James Bacon× Tokyo Black Night)

    Go it from Sam in the Redland Show for the beautiful leaves. Never thought it will bloom but here it is with two spikes. Three in one spike. Crossing my fingers. 
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    Paph Shin-Yi Sanders

    Love that flower. Looking forward to the next bloom.
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    2023 Paph Forum

    Hopefully I will meet you guys. Guy
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    For Sale Big Plants

    Phal. philippinensis, 5 big plants in a big pot. Just flowered last summer with multiple spikes. $50
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    For Sale Big Plants

    For sale, Phal. bellina, good grower, nice flower with citrus scent. Awardable. $40.
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    Also selling this plant, three growth with one flowering size. One of my fave, it can get an award. My loss your gain, it just needs a new home and TLC. For flower check my old post Paph Bel Royal. Selling for $150. Here's the plant now.
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    For Sale Big clump Paph Ss

    Check my Super SS post. This is even growing better now. It just needs an outdoor light to flower its potential.
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    For Sale Big clump Paph Ss

    I'm retiring and will be moving to a small apartment. Will also pursue my plan to build an orchid garden with Phil species in the Phils. So I'm downsizing and my big plants need a new home. Selling this SS for $150. This is so big, more than 10 plants in there that I would prefer a local pick...
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    Hello from Va suburbs of Wash, DC.

    I think it's about 15×12 , 8 ft high. I have about 30 big paphs and 50 to 75 small ones, assorted paphs, vandas and phals. I can difinitely share my experiences to you. If you are in Fairfax Station, you are so close to me. I play tennis in one of the clubs there. PM me.
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    Paphiopedilum philippinense var roebelenii 'Coco' AM/AOC

    Very well grown and spectacular. CONGRATS!!!!
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    Hello from Va suburbs of Wash, DC.

    Hoping to meet you there.
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    Hello from Va suburbs of Wash, DC.

    Welcome Dave. I'm here in Alexandria and will be retiring soon. I bring my plants indoor during the winter. I built an enclosed box like what you described. I use Spider Farmer and some HLG lights. I also add a few incandescent lights for additional lower Kelvin light source. I only use timers...
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    Rossioglossum grande 2022

    Very nice..Take the challenge, go for 22.
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    Small happiness

    Very well done...what's the light source there?
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    My multiflorals and roths crosses in bloom

    That's a good question. I also would like to know. Especially the type of light. This one looks like flouroscent lights were used. For strapped leaf paphs, I would like to know if that kind of light will do it.
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    Questions about the rotschildianaum

    Had a few plants not just roth that had wider leaves and the growth was compact and my instinct was that genetically they will have wide and big flowers. Back on those days, we used to select seedlings with wider leaves. As it turned out, it was just the culture that made the difference...