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    C. lueddemanniana (lueddemanniana ' Jim Elmore' AM/AOS x lueddemanniana ' Dark Water ')

    Stunning first blooming. Should make an amazing specimen!
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    Angraecum elphantinumn

    Thanks Herbert, I certainly agree with mounting vs pot culture. Most of my Angraecum style plants are mounted. I used this photo as the plant was a new arrival and nicely showed flower / plant size. Also a lot of people are either afraid or unable to mount.
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    Angraecum elphantinumn

    Darlene, I believe elphantinumn is fairly temp tolerant but my do quite well with nights sometimes down to 45 F. Sorry if I was confusing.
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    Angraecum elphantinumn

    Are you Looking for? : large white flowers on a small plant a nighttime fragrance a good mounting candidate cool grower that likes light
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    Lycaste Pixie

    Beautiful and cute. Do you give Pixey a dry rest?
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    Lycaste Abou Sunset ‘Goodstuff’ AM/AOS (Chita Sunset x Alan Saltzman)

    Angela, Actually nothing too special. This hybrid is pretty tolerant where as some of the species are a little less so. Decideous vs non-decideous is the main determinant for issues like dry rest or not. I don’t heat my GH space so low temps sometimes down to 45 F. Good air movement is a good...
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    Lycaste Abou Sunset ‘Goodstuff’ AM/AOS (Chita Sunset x Alan Saltzman)

    There is Almost nothing sweeter than a nice Lycaste.
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    Cattleya Bob Betts 'The Virgin' FCC/AOS

    I too am a huge fan of old style white Cattleyas. Keep them coming.
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    Rats come in out of the rain

    Yeah, we’re escalating
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    Rats come in out of the rain

    Just wait till the Nutria move further north. 15-20 lb (7-10 kg) rat-rodent the size of Racoons…The good news is they are vegetarian. The bad news is they are vegetarian.
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    Cattleya lueddemaniana coerulea flamea ‘Wildlings’

    So says the voice from beautiful balmy (?) temperate Brisbane….
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    Rats come in out of the rain

    Ahhh. Yes I’ve used Spag often for “rescue “ situations but in this case I’ll just let this Pbulb go. It’s a big plant and I’ve treated the wound.
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    Cattleya walkeriana

    Angela, have you looked at Sunset Valley / Fred Clark website. He has several listed under “Divisions / Cattleya species and hybrids.
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    Rats come in out of the rain

    Nope. Everyone knows Cattleya and Oncidium taste much better. ))))
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    Rats come in out of the rain

    While we have had a ton of much needed rain here in California one downside is it seems to have driven the rats and mice inside. Lots of spikes chewed and Here is a fine example the nutrition in an Oncidium psudobulb.
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    Lc. Sun Catcher ‘Octoberfest’ (C. Dubiosa x C. Edward van Belle)

    Yes indeed. Raymond Burr/Sea God made many very interesting hybrids, often it seems with an eye to unusual color pallet. I have a few and they all seem pretty intense. The whole Sea God story in quite interesting.
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    Blc. Duh's Fantasy 'Mellow' FCC/AOS (Sally Taylor x Duh's Orange)

    Very nice! Looks to have a lot of substance.
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    Are there mini/compact white Cattleya hybrids?

    You are right Kathy It’s not white. Part of my sentence got clipped. I was trying to point to Fred’s breeding efforts. If anyone can make mini white it might be him (or Alan). Sorry Tyrone for my poorly worded post.