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  1. awesomei

    Phragmipedium Acker's Classic

    Chuck makes some amazingly beautiful hybrids using kovachii. Truely talented man. George
  2. awesomei

    A New Phrag. Grex gets awarded

  3. awesomei

    Latest in Phrag. Breeding

    I have several NBS to Near NBS hybrids from flasks from Chuck, that I would sell. Please DM me George
  4. awesomei

    New kovachii cross

    Here are a few pictures of a new kovachii cross by Chuck Acker. This is Phrag. Fall River (Petit Port x fisherii) x kovachii 'Peruvian Love'. My plant is just 2.5 years from flask. I purchased the plant directly from Chuck. It is a small plant and the flowet is approx. 3.5 inches across. For a...
  5. awesomei

    Phrag.Asuko Fischer 'Waunakee' x Waunakee Sunset 'Cherry' name is.....

    Anyone know where I can buy one. Mine froze 2 years ago in our bad freeze. I would love to have another.
  6. awesomei

    Humidity Trays

    I make my own using "Boot Trays" and standard egg crate louvre. Both are available on Amazon.
  7. awesomei

    Wanted Phrag. Rouge Bouillon

    Chuck has a website,
  8. awesomei

    Greetings from Ontario!

    Welcome from Texas, Trevor!
  9. awesomei

    My love for Phragmipedia

    Very beautiful plant!
  10. awesomei

    Phrag Inca Rose 3N (besseae 'Rob's Choice' 4N AM/AOS x Pink Panther 'Pink Eye')

    I have some seedling from Chuck Acker of this crossed with kovachii. I am interested to see how they bloom out.
  11. awesomei

    Phragmipedium les Varines

    some are and some are not!
  12. awesomei

    P. kovachii Hybrids

    I always work with my perlite outdoors with a breeze
  13. awesomei

    P. kovachii Hybrids

    Be sure the perlite is not to small. The idea is to open up channels in the rock wool where air can circulate. I try to never repot a plant in spike. George
  14. awesomei

    Phrag. Living Fire ‘Kernersville’ (3N) has spots!!

    Probably fungus in old insect bites.
  15. awesomei

    Phragmipedium les Varines

    I have raised, bloomed and been awarded several Phrag. Les Varines. They are all different. Compared to other K crosses, ie; Fritz Schomber, L.V. seems to have little consistenancy. But, I like this characteristic. George
  16. awesomei

    P. kovachii Hybrids

    Yes, rock wool can hold a lot of water. But, for me the issue is more the compaction of it when it gets wet, eliminating good air flow. George
  17. awesomei

    P. kovachii Hybrids

    I just purchased some Phrags, both kovachii hybrids and non. They were all potted in 1/2"/1cm rock wool cubes. They were very compated ad full of water. That can't allow good air circulation. I immediatly repotted them in a mix of med. bark, rock wool cubes and crushed oyster shell. This mix...
  18. awesomei

    La Vingtaine and Glen Decker

    Sadly, Dallas Texas
  19. awesomei

    La Vingtaine and Glen Decker

    Good morning, I have mainly phrags in my GH. I sort of specialize in them. I have no trouble growing kovachii or it's crosses. I have bloomed very many and even won a few awards. I have had 3 Glen deckers and killed them all. I am without any at the moment. The only one that I did bloom was...
  20. awesomei

    Phragmipedium Papa Frankie Quintal

    Such a gorgeous flower! I love to white dapples