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  1. JLOG


    Hi all! I wanna to share with you my bellatulum. I think he likes the fern so I let them grow like friends.
  2. JLOG

    Phrag. Wössner Rosenglanz

    Today I took a pic, I think is fully open, I bought from Ecuagenera few weeks ago. Wössner Rosenglanz is a cross between P. kovachii and P. caricinum
  3. JLOG

    Dendrobium wardianum var giganteum

    This year has become a little monster… every year grow longer and with more flowers. I don’t know what is the limit but has a new growth that seems to be in a hurry to grow up. I bought it 8 years ago from Roelke.
  4. JLOG

    Fritz Schomburg

    Let me show you this Fritz Schomburg that I bought from Ecuagenera few weeks ago in the Oporto’s expo orquids. Really like it
  5. JLOG


    Venustum blooming again
  6. JLOG


    This is the second year blooming, I think is improve. I have some dudes about if this is a Paph. Leeanum, and maybe it is, but I would like to hear your opinion
  7. JLOG


    This is my biggest plant I have, it’s a no id Zygopetalum, loves the soil very wet, and has a sweet scent.
  8. JLOG

    Standars and cultivars

    Hi all! I have some questions that I have been asking myself for a while and have not been able to find out. you will surely solve them: what are the standards for each species of orchid? Are there some measures established for each species by which they are evaluated when exposed? and how...
  9. JLOG

    Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ‘Buckleberry

    Hi guys, this is the first time blooming for me. It’s was a present from Elite Orchids in the last order. Elizabeth Ann it’s primary hybrid, a cross between B. longissimum x B. rothschildianum.
  10. JLOG

    Thank you!!

    I want to show my appreciation for the warm welcome I have had in this forum. Without a doubt, and even if it is early to say it, I feel part of a great family. It is a special feeling that we have with our orchids, or at least that is how I feel it, and being able to share it and feel that...
  11. JLOG

    What do you think about this??

    This plant it's a Paph. Hung Shen general ( St Swithin x Aducctum var. anitum ) and I don't know what is happend. I wonder if the problem maybe salts to over fertilize, because the leaf tips it becomes a little brown, but recently I see this yellow spots and I worried about this. This plant is...
  12. JLOG

    And others…

    This is a mix
  13. JLOG

    Some of others orchids

    There are some Cattleyas that I have
  14. JLOG

    Second part

    The second part. I have others that are small and didn’t bloom yet
  15. JLOG

    Some paphs I have

    I show you some paphs of my collection I have bloomed
  16. JLOG

    Hi everybody!

    Hello from Spain. I’m a slipper lover from years ago. I’m not very friendly to social medias, but I think this is absolutely my forum. I hope to learn a lot from you, and I hope to put my little knowegde too. Sorry if my english it’s not the best Thank you!!