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  1. Ray

    Any guesses?

    Not my plant. What would give the serrated petal edges?
  2. Ray

    Slipper Orchid Grower and Professional Photographer

    Small world! When I was a child, my father was stationed at the US Embassy in London, and we lived in Gerrards Cross.
  3. Ray

    Hi everyone

    Welcome, Cynthia!
  4. Ray

    Paph bellatulum crowns separating from the root systems

    That’s certainly a new one to me! It does sound like a mechanical stress issue - cracks that enlarged???
  5. Ray

    After 40 years - rethinking my place in the world of orchids

    I don’t think that’s an accurate assessment. Have you considered that the attitude might be one of “help support and maintain the standards”? Every such activity has “rules” that must be followed, and anyone participating must intend to hold fast to them, including understanding and applying...
  6. Ray

    H2O2 flasking

    BioSafe Systems – Simply Sustainable. Always Effective.. I suggest you contact them directly. A long time ago, when I carried their products, they were limited to only a few. Now they have many variations targeting different applications, so could probably advise you which one is closest to...
  7. Ray

    Automation experiment for my hobby collection

    I like what you’ve done, but there maybe some cultural factors that can be used differently. For example, I’d probably control your “humidity-creating pump” with a humidistat. A timer works, and I suppose your household RH up there might vary less than it does in many places, but here the...
  8. Ray

    H2O2 flasking

    Rob, I’d be careful using drugstore hydrogen peroxide on “delicate” seed. That 3% stuff is barely stabilized using stannous chloride, so upon contact with anything organic or metal, it embarks on a strong, cascading decomposition process, release all of its energy pretty much at once. I’d...
  9. Ray

    A New Phrag. Grex gets awarded

    My Lucky Girl, a gift from someone here, if I remember correctly, is redder, but not as nice in form. It's still one of my favorites.
  10. Ray

    Car ride = bud blast? Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    Hah! Been known to do that myself.
  11. Ray

    Car ride = bud blast? Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    His month-long journey ended 14 months ago…
  12. Ray

    Slipper Orchid Grower and Professional Photographer

    Yes, indeed. Welcome. Are you in London proper, or a nearby location?
  13. Ray

    Whats happening here?

    Paleness can be either from a nitrogen or magnesium deficiency. Water it with 1 teaspoon of Epsom Salts per gallon. That ought to perk up the green.
  14. Ray

    Orchids 2023

    Annica, Kelpak is produced in South Africa and is certainly available in Europe. Do not be tempted to get another kelp extract, as they are very dissimilar in the efficacy. Kelpak has been used globally for over 40 years on food-, and fruit crops, nuts, grains, turf and landscaping plants. I...
  15. Ray

    Latest in Phrag. Breeding

    Summer Sun was registered in 2006...
  16. Ray

    Hello from the South-coast of Finnland.

    Welcome aboard, Annica. Don’t worry about your English. It’s better than that of many native speakers!
  17. Ray

    Paphiopedilum xanthophyllum

    Lost mine to a greenhouse heater failure. Would love to have a good replacement.
  18. Ray

    Dealing with being laid off.

    Getting laid off sucks, but sometimes there's a silver lining to that cloud. After 28 years with the same company, I thought my position was pretty much sacrosanct. I had gained a real "problem solver" reputation, and was usually moved into positions that needed help. In late 2007, I headed...
  19. Ray

    Black spots "inside" bellatulum leaves

    This is only a guess…. but it sounds like some sort of systemic infection, which would lead me to treat the plant either with a probiotic, to see if that helps, or a copper-based treatment. I suspect it’s bacterial, but have no way to know that for sure, and both of the treatments can affect...
  20. Ray

    Hello from Va suburbs of Wash, DC.

    Thanks for those photos. It's always a thrill to see orchids in the wild.